For many of the more serious Cosplayers, nailing all the details of your costume and/or props can come at the cost of your own blood, sweat and tears.  Many times fans find that the gear out there just isn’t detailed or accurate enough.  Hasbro and Marvel understand the struggle, and have teamed up to release a line of “movie accurate” accessories, according to Gizmodo.  The Marvel Legends line of role play items aren’t due to hit stores until the fall, so you wouldn’t be able to rock these props at Comic-Con, but here are some details on the Iron Man and Captain America pieces.


For $100 you can snag a full-sized Iron Man helmet with a removable face plate. The goal of this new line is to keep cosplay affordable, though, which explains why in terms of special effects, the helmet is limited to light-up features and sound effects that run on three AAA batteries.


Cap’s shield, which measures the same 24 inches across as the shield used in the movies, is also priced at $100.  While it lacks vibranium-steel alloy, it does have adjustable straps; so you can wield it like Rogers.  (Is that a thing?  It sounds like it should be a thing.)

Have fun suiting up without having to save up (that much)!

Source: GeekTyrant

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