If there’s a super hero block buster movie coming out then you can bet on two things: It will make enough money to make Scrooge McDuck jealous, and that there will be lots and lots of toys and various merchandise. For those with deep pockets and have a taste for finer things, there is Hot Toys; the toy company that makes hyper realistic 1/6th scale figures, statues, and busts inspired from pop cultures biggest movies and franchises.

Hot off releasing images from their upcoming Batman v Superman line, the overseas toy company has another summer blockbuster its licensed to do figures for…Captain America: Civil War. If not Marvels biggest movie, it certainly will feature the largest assembly of heroes on one screen ever (well, until Avengers: Infinity War comes out that is). As a sampling of what will be one of Hot Toys largest sets, a few new collectibles from Civil War have been revealed.



The first reveal is the Captain American Civil War 1/6th scale Mark XLVI and War Machine Mark III Collectible Busts. The Mark XLVI collectible bust is specifically created based on the likeness of the Iron Man XLVI in the movie with details sculpture, metallic red and gold color on armor, and LEG light-up function. The War Machine Mark III collectible bust detailed with metallic black and silver coloring on armor with decals, machine gun mounted on back, and LED light up functions.


Hot Toys also revealed 1/6th scale collectible Captain America Collectible figure. The movie accurate figure is based on the likeness of Chris Evans as Captain America/Steve Rogers. It features a helmeted head sculpt with two interchangeable lower faces, a newly painted un-helmeted head sculpt of Steve Rogers, a newly developed body, completely new Captain America suit, a metal circular shield, a broken Crossbones helmet, and a specifically designed Captain America: Civil War themed figure stand.


In their last reveal, Hot Toys previewed the 1/6th scale collectible Winter Soldier figure, based on Sebastian Stan as the Winter Soldier.  It features a newly sculpted head sculpt, new chrome colored left arm with red star emblem, tailored costume, a machine gun, and a specifically designed Captain America Civil themed figure stand.

No word on cost or when these collectibles will be released but if you have have to ask about price you probably can’t afford them.

Source: ComicBook.com

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