It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! Today marks the US box office opening of Deadpool; the eagerly awaited and heavily marketed comic book movie. Anyone and everyone who has been following the development of this film and have been sucked into the genius marketing campaign are either already in the theater or will have made plans to see Deadpool today. In case you somehow forgot, Twentieth Century FOX and IMAX have released a promo for Deadpool’s opening day.

In the promo, Deadpool co-star T.J. Miller aggressively and hilariously reminds everyone to get their butt in the theater. Watch the clip below, and try not to get your face stuck in your hoodie while you’re watching it.

Reviews for Deadpool have been overwhelmingly positive. It’s been said that it is everything you would hope a Deadpool movie would be; action packed, outrageously hilarious, offensive in all the right ways, and respects the source material. In Nerd Bastards own review, we cited it as “The Most Deadpool Movie of the Year” and “The Most Fun You’ll Have in a Dark Room”. There have been some bad reviews, though, and at most some quibbles. Negative comments can be summed up as stating that all the best footage has been spoiled in the trailers, and that the characters seemingly endless talking and whitty remarks quickly looses its luster and gets annoying.

It may not the perfect movie and it’s certainly not for everyone. But for viewers who are fans of Deadpool and enjoy his antics/humor, then this film knows its audience and delivers in every conceivable way.

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