Valentine’s Day weekend is always packed with movie releases, because Americans have been hardwired into the dinner and a movie stereotype.  This time, though, it’s a long four day weekend thanks to President’s Day, meaning more money in studio pockets, in theory.  Top on the docket this weekend is Deadpool, Zoolander 2, and How to Be Single.  Deadpool, though, is sticking it to his competition.  But who’s surprised there?  Apparently a lot of people.  What is more romantic than a mercenary smartass willing to kill dozens of people in the name of getting the girl?  Not much.  So how far ahead is our favorite antihero?  Read on to see.

Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds in the role that may very well define his career, earned $47.5 million on its opening night, putting in on track to shatter the record set by last year’s Fifty Shades of Grey.  The film was projected to make $65 to $70 million during the long opening weekend, and as it is more than halfway there currently, it would seem that estimate is going to be blown by in no time.  It probably already has been as this is being written.  New tracking suggests the haul for this weekend will be around $117 million for a three day gross, and $130 million for all four days.  If that happens, it will put the film in the top 10 comic book openings of all time, and the highest ever opening for an R-rated film.

And to think this started as a passion project for Reynolds.  He has been working with Fox for eleven years, as the studio debated whether or not a profit could be made from an irreverent, loudmouthed, not-so-heroic hero.  Most of the fears centered around the R rating, but Deadpool wouldn’t be Deadpool without at least that rating.  Perhaps that is why the budget was kept at around $58 million (a fact Deadpool himself references in the film).  After a long guerilla marketing campaign drummed up interest, it looks like the gamble will pay off and then some.

If you haven’t seen the film yet, get on it!  Deadpool scored an A CinemaScore from all age groups, proving it has something for most everyone…except maybe the little kiddos.  Even Deadpool would tell you to cover their eyes a few times.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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