As we’ve reported earlier, Deadpool is absolutely demolishing records at the Box Office. In addition to having the highest opening day for an R-rated movie, Deadpool is additionally set to have one of the biggest opening weekends for a superhero movie in general. Tom Rothman must be having one hell of a temper tantrum. More importantly, it got an A on Cinemascore, insuring that it won’t be as front-loaded as some people expected. It’s pretty clear that audiences ate up every scene like a freshly-made chimichanga, and why shouldn’t they? There are so many memorable moments to chose from in the Merc with a Mouth’s big movie that it’s hard to keep track of all of them. So here are some of our favorite scenes.


1. The Opening Credits.

Deadpool’s opening credits are quite something. In a bullet time extravaganza, Deadpool shoots one man, teabags another, and gives another a wedgie. Leave it to Deadpool to master the difficult art of multi-tasking. While all of this is going on, you can even catch a glimpse of a cheesy-looking trading card that looks an awful lot like Green Lantern. Making fun of a movie that nearly wrecked your career takes guts, so kudos to you, Mr. Reynolds.

Also, while an ordinary opening credits sequence would simply show the names of the people who worked on the film, Deadpool’s opening credits take an incredibly clever approach to it. Instead of the actors’ names, it lists trope characters for the superhero genre. These include “the hot chick,” “the comic relief,” “a CGI character,” “a moody teen” and “a gratuitous cameo.” Let’s face it: we’ve all seen these characters in superhero films, and they even exist in Deadpool. To see a movie mock itself Honest-Trailers-style is pretty damn awesome if you ask us. If this sequence sounds great on paper, it’s even better on film.


2. Let’s Count ’em Down.

Early on in the movie’s freeway scene, Deadpool runs into a situation where he only has two pistols with six bullets each. In an attempt to conserve the limited ammo he has left, Deadpool is forced to count how many bullets he fires into the bad guys. He tells the audience to count down with him, and starts shooting. Each bullet is numbered, so as Deadpool fires them off, the numbers on the primers go from 12 to 1.

After a few hits and misses, Deadpool is left with one bullet and three more guys to take out. In an appropriately R-rated fashion, he fires the bullet through all of their heads in a straightforward path, turning their craniums into gory messes. Talk about killing three birds with one pistol.

TRAILER- Sex, violence & foul language _ Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool looks amazing & hilarious 2

3. Holiday Sex.

You’ve heard of Jeremih’s birthday sex, but what about the other holidays? Before becoming Deadpool, Wade Wilson falls in love with a fiery prostitute named Vanessa. After a game of skee ball, the obligatory sex scene follows…but it isn’t just a sex scene…it’s a sex montage. Ryan Reynolds first teased this montage in an interview with TheFIX, saying that:

“There’s a rather large, grandiose sex montage in the movie, but it’s not as titillating as it is just funny and horrifying at times.”

So what does this montage entail? In a rather creative way to show the passage of time, Wade and Vanessa are seen doing it on several holidays throughout the year. This includes oral sex with plastic vampire teeth on Halloween, foodplay on Thanksgiving, and even a scene where Wade is pegged (feel free to Google it) by Vanessa on International Women’s Day. They certainly are a festive couple.


4. Colossus gets Sucker-Punched…Down There.

Along with Rhonda Rousey, Gina Carano is perhaps the last woman in Hollywood you want to mess with. After all, she is a former mixed martial artist. In this movie, she plays Angel Dust, a mutant with enough super strength to rival Colossus. In fact, in the film’s climax, she ends up duking it out with the big metal giant and puts up one hell of a fight. At the height of this epic battle, the villanous Angel Dust decides to fight dirty.

As if her character wasn’t evil enough, she actually sucker-punches Colossus right in his metal junk without even flinching (unlike Deadpool, who broke his hands and leg trying this earlier). This sends Colossus crippling to the ground. As if the thought of Gina Carano punching you in the groin isn’t bad enough, the thought of her punching you in the groin as Angel Dust is sure to give a lot of guys nightmares.

5. A Different Kind of Regeneration.

Anybody who reads the Deadpool comic series will know that one of his most defining powers is the ability to regenerate damaged skin cells. Much like Wolverine, any injury from a papercut to a bullet hole can heal within seconds. Deadpool can even heal severed limbs in a rather…unique way.

After the film’s freeway sequence, Deadpool cuts his hand off to escape being handcuffed by Colossus. Later that day, he is back at his house sitting on the couch with his blind, elderly, cocaine-loving roommate Blind AL. In a rather surprising moment, we get to see how Deadpool’s regeneration powers regrow an entire body part. Deadpool puts his left hand on her face, and there is shown to be a baby’s hand growing from the stump where his hand was cut off. It turns out that if a limb is cut off, it has to grow back from the beginning of conception. It’s such a bizzare visual that you can’t help but laugh at it. Deadpool even makes a comment on how big “it” will feel in his hand.


6. What’s My Name?

Ajax and Deadpool have quite a history in the comic series. Ajax loves subjecting Deadpool to unfathomable torture while Deadpool loves messing with the fact that Ajax’s real name is Francis. Their relationship is perfectly translated on screen as Ajax asks Deadpool what his name is throughout the film. He wants to be called Ajax, but the merc keeps calling him Francis, refusing to bow down to his enemy’s demands. This running theme culminates into a scene that’s almost too awesome to be true.

Just before his final battle with Ajax, Deadpool successfully takes out a swarm of his henchmen armed with nothing but two katanas. After asking what his name is constantly throughout the story, Ajax finds Deadpool’s final answer literally laid out in front of him. The dead henchmen are revealed to be precisely arranged on the ground by Deadpool so that their corpses spell out “FRANCIS.” That’s a hell of a way to own your arch enemy if you ask us.


7. Stan Lee’s Best Cameo Yet?

With a few rare exceptions, any movie based on a Marvel property is bound to have Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee cameo in it. At 93 years old, Stan Lee has cameoed in almost every Marvel movie. He even made an appearance in Big Hero 6 describing how to conserve underwear (funnily enough, to T.J. Miller’s character in that film). One keeps wondering how the comic book legend can  outdo himself with his next cameo. The answer is his cameo in Deadpool.

In Deadpool, Stan Lee plays the hysterical part of an MC at a strip club that Wade visits. After judging a beauty pageant in Iron Man 3 and traveling across space in Guardians of the Galaxy, this guy sure does get around. What makes this even funnier is that Stan Lee created Stripperella, an animated show about a stripper who lives a double life as a superhero. Perhaps it’s the same strip club that Stripperella works at, but who knows? All we know is that Deadpool is an epic experience that should be seen at all costs.

If you loved these moments as much as we did, take your friends to see it right away.

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