Deadpool premiered its theatrical US release this weekend, and it could not be overstated how ridiculously well its doing. It has met the expectations of fans and has performed far better than its movie studio, FOX, could ever have anticipated; having earned in a slot in the top 10 comic book openings of all time, and the highest ever opening for an R-rated film (earning $135 mil). Hard to imagine this was once a comic book property FOX never wanted to make, figuring there wouldn’t be much of a profit in an “R” rated super hero movie. How quickly mindset has changed.  With the running success of Deadpool, FOX has gone from having reservations about the character/property is now quickly jumping at green-lighting a sequel.

Of course, for those that saw the movie, a sequel was something teased at the end of the film, as well as where the creative team want to go with it.

NOTE: The following paragraph contains spoilers of the films after credits scene. If you haven’t see the movie yet stop reading now.

After all the credits rolled, Deadpool comes out in a parody of the end credits scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. After it seems the scene is over, Deadpool comes back out and reveals that the sequel will feature not other than than the time-traveling bad-ass, Cable! Deadpool himself acknowledges that they haven’t yet cast the part but jokingly says they’re considering Mel Gibson, Dolph Lundgren, and Keira Knightley (she has range!).

Well those are all good names, there’s one actor not mentioned who’s making an active effort to be considered. A name, mind you, that fans have suggested to play the role since a Deadpool movie first began.

Avatar villain Stephen Lang has taken to Twitter this weekend to begin campaigning for the role

For those who are unfamiliar with the character – Cable, aka Nathan Summers, is the adult son of Cyclops (Scott Summers). In a doomed future, Cable comes back in time on Earth-616 to stop the viral apocalypse that destroyed his world. After saving the world, blowing crap up left and right, forming the group X-Force, and engineering his own birth, Cable finally realized that he lacked any real-world skills to survive in our present and crashed with Deadpool in the 50-issue series Cable & Deadpool. Together, they hold their ground against such threats as The One World Church (a conglomeration of super-mutants who want to turn everyone blue; don’t laugh), discover the true meaning of friendship by vowing to create a New World Order (it doesn’t go well), travel across dimensions in a vain attempt to resurrect each other (and possess some babies in the process; the entire thing is waaaay darker than it seems, if you think about it) and finally put an end to a herd of symbiote-infested dinosaurs that attack New York city, before finally deciding to go their own ways. Long and short of it, they’re comics greatest odd-couple.

Stephen Lang is honestly the perfect choice for the role. He’s got the face, the hair, and the muscles to play Cable. He makes as much sense as Cable as Patrick Stewart did as professor Xavier. He’s a perfect straight man for Ryan Reynolds. Just imagine the two together and you can see the possibilities.

What do you think of Lang? If not him, then who?


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