New Image Teases Shane Black’s ‘The Predator’


Back in 2014, Iron Man 3/Kiss Kiss Bang Bang director Shane Black signed on to write and direct a new Predator movie. According to producer John Davis, Black’s Predator film is supposedly going to reinvent the franchise. For those of you already rolling your eyes at the thought of another Hollywood reboot, not to worry. Shane Black has insisted that his Predator film is NOT a reboot. Instead, Black is making sequel that will follow the mythology of the series (most likely alienating the subpar Alien Vs. Predator films). While the script was completed back in December, the exact details of the plot are still under wraps. However, after years of waiting, we finally have what appears to be a first look at Shane Black’s take on the ugly motherf****r himself.

 Earlier today, the following image was released on Facebook:


The Predator is looking as badass as ever (especially with his signature dreadlocks), and based on the tagline “you’ll never see him coming,” he is just as sneaky as in the rest of the films.

The image was captioned with the phrase “here we go again, bro,” referencing a quote from the original film. Based on this image, the film’s official title as of right now is simply The Predator. So as opposed to having several Predators in the last film, this film most likely has only one Predator. If it does indeed have only one Predator, Shane Black’s sequel will most likely take the series back to its horror roots and scale back on the action spectacle of the last film. This is much like how Alien 3 was mainly a horror film with one xenomorph as opposed to Aliens being an action film with many of them.

While Alien 3 turned out to be a step down from its predecessor, this film will hopefully avoid making the same mistakes. Shane Black has a pretty good track record when it comes to his films, and he’s no stranger to the Predator franchise either. He played Hawkins in the original Predator, and did some work on its screenplay as well.

Nobody knows whether or not The Predator will turn out like Alien 3. As great of a director Shane Black is, his script could still be eviscerated by studio executives getting their grubby mitts on the production. The great David Fincher directed Alien 3, and even he was affected by studio meddling. As of right now though, all we can do is be optimistic and enjoy how epic this teaser image looks.

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