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Few can argue that the theatrical version of Deadpool needs much, if any revision.  And apparently director Tim Miller agrees.  The film that is reshaping how comic book movies can be made, is apparently getting no director’s cut, says Miller in an interview moderated by Collider.  That probably makes some sense, since the film is already rated R and both a commercial and critical success.  But that doesn’t mean the fans don’t want more.  One of the biggest critiques of the film is that, coming in at around an hour and forty-eight minutes, it wasn’t long enough.  However, just because there won’t be a director’s cut, doesn’t mean the Blu-ray won’t hold some deleted scenes, and hopefully a gag reel.

Last week, during a Q & A with Collider, Miller fielded several questions, including one about the possibility of a director’s cut.  In spite of actor T.J. Miller’s (Weasel, the bartender and Deadpool’s close friend) comment last month, which teased a much more hard-core version to come on director’s cut, the director had this to say:

“I don’t wanna be all Joss Whedon on you, but there’s not [a director’s cut]…There are some deleted scenes that have some extra stuff, but I’m pretty happy with this cut.  I like it.”

Never fear, though, for it seems there will still be plenty of extras on the DVD/Blu-ray.  Miller mentioned that producer Simon Kinberg found some scenes to be too graphic for the film, and “strongly suggested” they be left on the cutting room floor.

“There’s some stuff on the DVD extras, I had a little more workshop fight in there that I liked–that’s the beat that we were talking about, [Simon’s] like, ‘Tim it’s violent enough, please’ and I’m like, ‘Oh no but man when he stomps on his face it’s awesome,’ and Simon’s like, ‘No we’ve got enough.'”

So the Blu-ray will definitely bring some new footage, at least of the workshop scene in which Ajax leaves Deadpool for dead.  Here’s hoping that there will also be a gag reel, because there were bound to be some hijinks and laughs on set.  And as great as the film is, fans can’t help but want a little more to tide them over until the sequel drops.

Source: Collider

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