We’ve suffered through the teasers, which were quite interesting in their teasering way, but now we’ve got a trailer with some meat on the bone. Netflix just released Daredevil Season 2 Part One trailer that should have fans excited for more. Jon Bernthal‘s Frank Castle, aka the Punisher, doesn’t just mouth a word or two, he’s giving Daredevil (Charlie Cox) a superhero dressing down that will send chills down your spine.


Let’s jump right to the trailer:

Damn, that was full of interesting bits. The word play between Punisher and Daredevil is going to be fantastic.

You hit’um and they get back up.. I hit’um and they stay down!

Cause I think you’re a half measure… a coward.

We can expect to see Matt Murdock struggle with what he’s doing. Trying to make sense of what he has to do and along comes Frank. Frank is willing to do whatever it takes to put down the bad guys, the guys that killed his family… or any other guys like them.


They are opposite sides of the same coin, one struggles to not do worse while doing good while the other struggles to remember any part of him that would have held back. Somewhere in the middle of all that they will meet and hell will break loose in Hell’s Kitchen.

Then… there’s Electra. She’s just not stopping by to say hello. One can bet good money that she’s got an agenda.

We’ll get part two in ten days, 02/25/16.

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