Ghosbuster predicted the world would end on February 14th 2016. To quote Peter Venkman “Valentine’s Day”. The world, of course, did not end. In fact, it was a really good weekend actually because, well, Deadpool. But as far as Ghostbuster is concerned, they weren’t entirely wrong. The date did usher in something dreadful. At the International Toy Fair in New York, Mattel toys presented toys and collectibles from a number of their properties coming out later this year; including toys from their upcoming Ghostbuster‘s line. Not the classic Ghostbusters as we know and love but the reboot by Paul Feig, starring Kristin Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. There was mass hysteria alright, when Mattel revealed the main villain from the movie.Make way for the destructor, the traveler has come!

Courtesy of Pixel Dan, and later confirmed by Mattel, the following toy is the films (literal) big bad. No additional details about the character were revealed.


Look at the figure, then look at the Ghostbusters logo. Look at the logo, then back to the figure. Look again. See any similarities? Yes, the films friggin’ mascot is the villain! The same mascot that has been synonymous with Ghostbusters since its original 1984 film.

As fans will remember, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man was the original movies ultimate boss. It was always obvious (least to this writer anyway) that the Ghostbusters reboot was going to follow suit and feature some giant ghost/monster for the all-female cast to fight similar to Mr. Stay Puft. It’s hard to say if this is their updated version of the 100 ft Marshmallow Man or if the creative team decided to make the films’ mascot as the villain. The latter would make sense – why not have the villain be the thing that’s on the logo? On the other hand, the mascot is a representation of the things they fight, not THE actual thing they fight.

One thing is certain, when this movie comes out, cats and dogs will definitely be sleeping together.

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