While everyone was enjoying all the new toys at Toy Fair 2016, tucked away in some 20th Century Fox promotional material was quietly dropping a huge Hugh Jackman style bomb. James Mangold‘s Wolverine 3 would be “R” rated. This material was printed before Tim Miller‘s Deadpool crushed everyone’s Box Office Predictions and perhaps changed the landscape of “R” rated superhero movies forever. Let’s take a look at that promotional material and discuss what it means for Wolverine 3 after the jump.

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Now that is interesting. An “R” rated Wolverine could be amazing. Combine that with the past comments from Hugh Jackman about the Old Man Logan story line and we’ve got a blockbuster in the making.

One big worry about using Old Man Logan was all the characters that FOX wouldn’t be able to use due to screen rights. Logan travels with Hawkeye in the comic and we all know that Marvel won’t release the Hawkeye character for Wolverine 3. So it’s expected that FOX will tweak the characters used to stay in line with the screen rights. Substituting characters they own the rights to fill any holes left once they take out the Marvel owned characters.

Now we’ve got Ryan ReynoldsDeadpool blowing up big time at the box office. One would expect this to cause some few ripples and perhaps even get some FOX suits to thinking of combining their two biggest stand alone X-Men characters into what basically is a buddy road trip story.

Imagine it, Hugh Jackman’s Old Man Logan on the road in an apocalyptic future with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool. What’s not to like about that. Wolverine 3 starts shooting sometime this year (April has been rumored), and both Jackman and Reynolds are in shooting shape for their roles if the two were put together. As big a Deadpool fan as Reynolds is, it wouldn’t be hard to get him on-board a movie that included Jackman’s Wolverine. Reynolds has been all but begging for a Deadpool Wolverine met up. Scheduling would be the only real conflict that could put a damper on it as FOX’s possible concerns about the cost would be eased with the success of Deadpool. FOX has the money.

Wolverine 3 would also be the perfect place to redeem the Fantastic Four. Make them part of the villains that Wolverine and Deadpool have to fight through. Even if they are not heroes for the movie, just getting them on the big screen in a way that audiences would love is a step in the right direction for that franchise.

There’s still plenty of time to get this put together before shooting begins and still make the March 3rd, 2017 premiere date!

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