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If you were able to catch last night’s episode of The Flash, then you were one of the luck ones to continue on the awesome roller coasted ride that began last week. On this week’s episode, “Escape From Earth-2,” Barry, Cisco, and Harrison find themselves in a bit of a predicament. Meanwhile, on Earth-1, Jay Garrick manages to get a boost in order to help out with the problems on that world. But while everything seems to be going okay, a new and important question arises. One that many may not have thought was important to begin with.

As usual, these kind of things tend to include a lot of spoilers from the episode. So if you haven’t seen last night’s episode yet and don’t want to know (in detail) what happened, then you might want to look away. But if you’re cool with being spoiled and even want to see some discussion on what happened, then keep on keeping on. To help you out, here’s a cute picture of a Red Panda. Enjoy!


Last time on Earth-2, Barry had just been captured by Zoom and taken to his lair. Cisco had managed to get away and make it back to STAR Labs. There, he told Wells what happened and the two, along with the other Barry make their escape.

Inside Zoom’s lair, Barry is closely examining his cell for a way out. There he finally meets Jesse, and she’s a lot less hopeful of escaping anytime soon. But a few words of encouragement about how her father has been desperately trying to rescue her, and the outlook is positive again.

Meanwhile, on Earth-1, Geomancer is still causing a ruckus. Caitlin also continues her work on perfecting the Velocity serum. It seems that Velocity-7 damaged Jay Garrick’s cells even more. However, as long as Geomancer is running wild in the city, Jay feels that he may be the only hope for the city until Barry gets back from Earth-2. The next test will be with Velocity-8.

flash 2x14 Geomancer causing destruction
Back on Earth-2, Cisco and Harrison spill the beans about Earth-1 to the Barry and Iris of Earth-2. Surprisingly, they seem to take the idea of multiple realities like it was another Tuesday. And they immediately begin tracking down Killer Frost whom they think will be able to help them find Zoom and the others. Inside Zoom’s lair, Barry and Jesse realize that their other companion in the mask is trying to communicate with them. Barry is able to recognize the “random tapping” as code POWs used to talk to each other.

On Earth-1, Geomancer is at it again. This time he’s caused a hospital to begin collapsing in on itself and calls out the Flash to save the people inside. At the lab, Caitlin has created an all new serum, skipping Velocity-8. Velocity-9 should be the answer to their problems. However, there’s no time to test it, and Jay injects himself with the serum. It seems to work as he’s able to race over to the hospital and save the remaining people trapped inside. But when he makes it back to the lab, he’s exhausted and has to take a nap in order to recover his energy.

flash 2x14 Jay Garrick is the Flash
Barry and Jesse have finally cracked the code and the masked man spells out the name “Jay.” As in Jay Garrick? Unfortunately, the two can’t get anymore out of the mysterious person and he bangs his head against the glass in frustration. Zoom shows up and starts to throw threats left and right. He phases into Barry’s cell and throws a few punches. Barry looks beaten, but Zoom has finally given him an idea about how to escape his cell.

In the woods nearby, Harrison, Cisco, Barry 2.0, and Iris 2.0 find Killer Frost. A quick battle ensues, and they’re able to convince Frost to help them into Zoom’s lair. When they arrive, Harrison is relieved to finally see his daughter again. But Barry is still trapped inside his cell. Their joy turns to doubt when it seems that Barry will have to stay behind, but a few words of encouragement from Cisco and Barry 2.0 allow Barry to gain the confidence and control in order to phase through his prison.

flash 2x14 Killer Frost
All of a sudden, Zoom shows up and thanks Frost for leading them into his lair. It seems it was all a trap, and poor Cisco can’t believe that she would betray them. “Guess my heart is as cold as you though after all” – Killer Frost. Zoom races over to Jesse and just as he’s about to kill her, Frost hits Zoom. This allows Barry and the rest to get away. But what about Killer Frost? With Zoom being as ruthless as anyone, it’s hard to imagine that he would allow Killer Frost to live.

While all of this was going on, Geomancer managed to get inside the lab and do some damage, but was eventually caught by Iris and Caitlin. The damage done by Geomancer also damaged the Speed Cannon. At this point, time was running out and the cannon needed to be fixed right away. With the help of Joe, Jay is able to keep the rift together while Joe is able to hit some switches in order to reboot the device.

Soon after, Cisco and Jesse come through the portal. Then Barry and Harrison, but Zoom is hot on their trail. Barry is the last one to make it back, and as he comes though the rift, Jay throws a bomb into it and closes the rift. As it begins to destabilize and close, Zoom’s hand pops through the rift and through Jay as well, pulling him in and leaving Caitlin and the others with their jaws on the ground. Poor Caitlin, she just can’t catch a break…on both worlds.

flash 2x14 Jay Garrick dies

Time to skip the introduction and get right to the meat of things. Who is the guy in the mask? From the evidence available, Barry recognized the tapping as code that POWs used to communicate. More importantly, Jesse and Barry were able to decipher the tapping which ended up spelling the name “Jay.” The question now is who is Jay? Immediately, you have to think of Jay Garrick. And when Barry mentioned Garrick, the man in the mask responded emphatically, but eventually got frustrated which could mean several things.

flash 2x14 Man in the iron mask
Could the person in the mask be Jay Garrick? This is the craziest idea, but could be plausible. An interesting conclusion is that the Jay Garrick currently on Earth-1 is some type of clone. It would explain why his cells are degrading and the loss of his speed.

What about the idea that the person in the mask is saying that Jay Garrick has something to do with why he’s in the cell? Is Jay Garrick evil? Some would like you to think so. It could be the ultimate twist. However, if the comics have any kind of say, then this is a very unlikely scenario.

flash 2x14 Zoom rooftop
Is Jay Garrick really Zoom? This goes back to the notion that Jay has clones. In a previous episode of The Flash, Jay Garrick had found his Earth-1 doppleganger. His name turned out to be “Hunter Zolomon.” And for those of you who don’t know. Hunter Zolomon is the real identity of Zoom in the comic books. But when audiences saw him, he was a man sipping coffee and reading the newspaper, by himself, on a park bench. He was hardly the killer type.

In all likelihood, these theories are just delving deeper than needed. And, really, the masked person is just someone who happens to know Jay Garrick.

As far as how the rest of the episode went, fans finally got to see Velocity-9 make it’s debut. The serum, which is well-known in the comics, does the same thing. The writers seemed to have a little fun taking their time working their way to the number nine. If you remember, the show started with Velocity-6, then Velocity-7. Thank goodness Velocity-8 was skipped. By then, the writers probably realized that the joke was getting old and skipped right to Velocity-9.

flash 2x14 Velocity 9
Something that stood out was the juxtaposition between Killer Frost and Caitlin Snow. There is a specific scene in mind here. It comes after the little standoff that the Earth-2 crew have with Frost in the woods. At the end of the fight, Cisco manages to apprehend her. Then it jumps Earth-1 where Snow has just found a way to help Jay and also manages to stop Geomancer.

Speaking of which, Geomancer was a bit of a let down in this episode. If there is one thing not to like about the show, it’s the sometimes under-utilization of villains. In the comics, Geomancer doesn’t have much of a history. In fact, he didn’t make his first appearance until JSA #5 in 1999. Sadly, the character would later die three years later. So, it kind of makes sense why there isn’t much to Geomancer in these episodes. It’s because there isn’t much to him to begin with.

flash 2x14 Geomancer gets caught
Another problem in last night’s episode was how long it took Barry to escape from that Plexiglas cell. Why did it take him so long to realize he could phase out of it? He’s phased through walls before. It’s not like it’s a hidden power. It should have been one of the first things he attempted in order to escape.

Lastly, did anyone else think that the structure Killer Frost made for the group to get into Zoom’s lair look really dangerous to walk up? Couldn’t she have just made a staircase with handrails? It seems that, at the time, anything would do, but c’mon.

flash 2x14 Ice bridge
Overall, there were a few bumps here and there, but this was a good episode of The Flash. There’s been a certain rhythm to the show, and audiences have been lucky that it’s been consistent. It’s the inconsistencies that cause a show to fail. Luckily that’s not the case here. The show does a great job at telling a story, and it’s able to answer those big questions in a timely manner, while still raising new and important ones to keep the interest of the audience. It’s always great to see characters grow individually and as a group. Cisco is a solid example of this. He started out as just the tech geek, but has moved up in the ranks to become a strong member of the group who is able to make legitimate contributions. The best part is that he doesn’t need his powers to accomplish this. Go back to that scene where he is able to help Barry believe in himself and phase through his cell when he had given up hope.

Escape From Earth-2” overall grade – B+

Check out a preview for next week’s episode of The Flash down below. King Shark makes a return!

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