Wise beast-man of the star-ways, best co-pilot a galactic smuggler could have, professional wailer, for decades, Peter Mayhew has been the man behind the iconic hairy alien sidekick of Star Wars. Recently reprising his legendary role in The Force Awakens. Mayhew’s recent Twitter teases, however, have caused quite a stir, as he began to upload screen shots of his own original Star Wars script, simply titled Journal Of The Whills. What’s more interesting however, is the unedited original bit of text which reads…

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The Adventures of Luke Starkiller. Granted, this title might not mean much to more recent fans of the space opera mega-series, so a little bit of context is required. Star Killer was, according to nerd legend, the original title of the first draft of the film that was to become A New Hope, written by George Lucas. This legendary script didn’t make it to the silver screen, mostly for its weirdness and a lot of its overall…roughness. According to Mark Hamill, he had to convince the director to change the name of the original character, because:

That I did because I felt a lot of people were confusing him with someone like Charles Manson. It had very unpleasant connotations.

Well, the 70’s were a different time but still, the script had a whole lot of other not-so-marketable aspects, such as for example Luke‘s original rambling about the state of current galactic politics over dinner, the fact that Han Solo was a dashing amphibian rogue and Jabba The Hutt was supposed to be depicted as a short man of space-Irish descent. At one point, 14-year-old Leia got punched in the face because she didn’t trust the weirdos in stolen Stormtrooper armor. You can read the entire script here. AotS_TSWWe are still not certain whether or not Peter Mayhew has based his work entirely on this original draft or even how many aspects of it he will implement in the final version of his project. So far, he has only teased fans relentlessly, by saying that his script pictures will be posted a few at a time, before he finally makes his ‘big announcement’, as referenced in a recent tweet:

That came as a shock, especially considering that mister Mayhew had recently gone out of commission following a leg injury during the filming of The Force Awakens, which required another actor to fill in his shoes while he recuperated. With his appearance verified by the studio in Episode VIII, we have to wonder; will he be trying his hand at a solo space opera movie, or will this tie in with the upcoming Star Wars Story Han Solo spin-off? Only time (and Internet hype) will tell.

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