Finally!! It finally happened. But wait, have you watched last night’s episode of Supernatural yet? Are you all caught up on all things Sam and Dean? No, then stop reading now. Yes, well by all means continue reading. Last chance to turn back…5…4….3….2…..1.

Okay, so as far as the season has gone to this point, the writers have pretty much avoided the main plot line, until last night. Sam and Dean have hunted a white witch who was killing cheaters on Valentine’s Day, helped Jodi and the girls take out a Vampire from Alex’s past who wanted revenge, took out a banshee that made Dean feel vulnerable and even met and killed a new critter called a Qareen, which showed Dean that his deepest desire was actually Amara, not Daisy Duke like he thought.



Sam and Dean finally get back to researching ways to take out Amara. After Dean informed Sam in last week’s episode Sam would have to be the one to take out Amara, he became motivated in the only way Sam can. He started researching. After spending the night going through the treasure trove of knowledge that the Men of Letters accumulated over decades, they decided to look for a Hand of God.

Sam’s research came up with information on one Hand of God. The last time this particular item was seen, it was on a submarine headed from Europe to America during WWII. More research turns up that the sub was actually destroyed on that voyage and the Hand of God was never found. The boys are a bit frustrated, but come up with a plan that would have them time travel to the last known location of the Hand, then travel out with it to present time. This plan of course requires Castiel.

When the boys contact Castiel, who is actually Lucifer, he is torturing Crowley. He has made Crowley his pet, calling him his dog. Crowley is doing everything that Lucifer asks, but has maintained his defiance and plans to take control back from Lucifer so that he can once again rule Hell. Castifer plans to punish him for his defiance, but has to go help Sam and Dean.


The guys go through their plan on time travel with Castifer. He informs then that he can only get one of them there. After a few minutes of arguing and a few heartbreaking lines from Dean, Sam finally agrees to allow Castifer to take Dean after promising not to leave his side. Cas and Dean disappear into the past.

Dean makes it to the sub, but Cas is nowhere in sight. Dean goes on with the plans, to find the Hand of God. After hog-tying a naval soldier and stealing his uniform, Dean starts investigating the sub, trying to find the Hand of God, or Delphine, the French Woman of Letters who was accused of stealing the Hand from the Nazi Germans. During his investigation, Dean discovers that the submarine, the U.S.S Bluefin, is warded against outside supernatural invasion. He determines this to be the cause that kept Cas out.

Dean wanders around the sub and finds Delphine. While trying to communicate with her about who he is, the naval soldier catches up and rats him out. Dean has to inform them that he is from the future, that the sub is going to sink and that he needs the ‘weapon’ to stop a war of biblical proportions in his time. Of course, the only one to actually believe him is Delphine. The naval officers decide to hold him at gun point. He and Delphine continue discussion what he needs, including the warding she has all over the submarine. She explains that it is a ward to stop all supernatural interference, Angels, Demons, ghouls. She tells him that her contact in the Men of Letters taught it to her before taking on the mission. Dean explains that he needs the wards removed because it is keeping his ride from getting back to him. She agrees to take down the warding. Unfortunately that means that Dean has to kill her as well. There is a warding brand above her heart and the spell that put it there coupled to brand with her life blood. As long as she lives, she is warded. Dean is not able to bring himself to actually kill her. This is when the Nazi’s catch up to the sub and it is about to be sunk.

In the meantime, Castifer shows up at the bunker, soaking wet. Sam asks what happened and Cas explains that the wards kept him from actually making it into the sub. They start researching ways to get past the warding so that he could get back to Dean. During their discussion, Sam notices something off about Cas. They continue researching and find a spell that will work, but it takes the power of an archangel to make it work. Sam, not knowing that Cas has that power, walks away to continue searching. Castifer starts putting together the spell ingredients to continue forward. Sam remembers how Cas had used Bobby’s soul in the past to bring Dean through time when he didn’t have enough power to pull him back through time. Castifer tells him that he doesn’t need the power from Sam’s soul. Something about the way he says it alerts Sam that it isn’t really Cas and he figures out the Lucifer has inhabited Castiel. That is when Castifer tries to kill Sam. The real Cas prevents that and explains to Sam that without Lucifer, they can’t get Sam back so he can’t force him out.


Dean is fighting his own battle at this time. The Nazi’s have offered to allow everyone on the sub to survive if they hand over the woman and the weapon. Of course the crew refuse to do so, but they are going to die because of it. Delphine decides to use the Hand of God to take out the remaining warding so that Dean’s ride can get him out, and to save the crew. Castifer pops in just as the sub is about to blow and gets Dean to safety.

Once back in the bunker, Sam informs Dean that it isn’t really Cas and Lucifer uses his power to keep them motionless while he explains how he took Cas as a vessel. While Dean keeps him occupied with talking, Sam draws out the sigil to banish him to where ever angels are banished to. During all this they find out that the Hand of God is powerless to help them.


First, props to Misha Collins on his acting abilities. The man is a master when it comes to switching between Castiel and Lucifer. Playing Lucifer as Castiel is absolutely amazing. Just one more reason to love a show full of wonderful actors.

So, finally the guys return to the true mission, finding a way to destroy Amara. It was nice to see them working on how to get the world back in order. As always, they work seamlessly as only the brothers can.

Fans will also be pleased that they finally received information on where Crowley is. It is now known that he isn’t dead, but in fact is plotting to take Hell back from Lucifer. Very Crowley of him. It was a bit disturbing to see the King of the Damned forced into submission, but it can be argued that it won’t be long before he finds a way out of that.

Many celebrated when the guys finally figured out that Castiel wasn’t Castiel but actually Lucifer. Now the question becomes, what are they going to do with that information? Will they find a way to get him out of Castiel’s vessel without killing Castiel? Is that even possible? Will Castiel have the strength to cast out the archangel?

Since the Hand of God will not work to destroy Amara, what will the boys do now? They don’t really want to use the help of Lucifer after he tried to kill both of them, but what other choice do they have? Fans can bet that the next few weeks will be action packed leading up to the battle with Amara. But who will be fighting with them?

The Vessel” overall grade – A

‘Supernatural’ airs every Wednesday at 9 PM EST on the CW

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