We’ve recently gone over the news of the inevitable delay of George Martin‘s latest installment in the hit grimdark Song Of Ice And Fire series, which vexed the author and legions of nerds alike. Its delay caused considerable controversy (and some conspiratorial whispers) about the possibility of the HBO series veering too far away from the source material, which was made worse by the cryptic and downright grim Season 6 teaser that was recently released. However, the author recently decided to ease his fanbase’s fears by making a pretty bold statement…

“I am not writing anything until I deliverWinds of Winter. Teleplays, screenplays, short stories, introductions, forewords, nothing. And I’ve dropped all my editing projects but Wild Cards.”

Alright, bit of context needs to be given here for all non-writing nerds to get the importance of this statement. Here goes: writers make terrible money. Seriously, writing is a terrible, awful career choice. It’s too little money for too much work, the deadlines are a hassle and even if you do hit it big, you are better off counting on comic books and movie deals or anthology editing work rather than lay a finger on a keyboard again. Of course, most writers will still keep doing that because they are a bunch of junkies, but at least they aren’t hurting anyone.


At last count, George Martin was involved in a number of high-caliber fantasy and science fiction anthologies as an editor, had recently pitched a pretty weird old-school science fiction series to HBO (titled Captain Cosmos; think of it as the Twilight Zone, crossed with a starving-artist Doctor Who and no, it’s nowhere near as pretentious or esoteric as it sounds) and was also scheduled to begin development with two brand new TV shows for Cinemax, which have been kept on the down-low, for the time being. Now, this sounds like a doozy and like a lot of royalties that are not going to make it into Martin‘s hands and all because he is super pissed off to have missed his own deadline.

According to the author, Winds Of Winter hasn’t even made it past the initial draft and is still being written. If what we know about his writing and editing process is true (and mercifully say that he’s halfway through his target wordcount) we are looking at a two-year delay, at best. Writing and editing, especially regarding a book of this hype and caliber aren’t usually taken lightly, not when you’re looking forward to disappointing a few million nerds if you muck it up. At least the author isn’t giving up on Wild Cards for the time being, one of his pet comic book projects, so you can get your little shot of pessimist fantasy from their pages, if you’re willing to compromise.


This wild abandon when it comes to finishing one of his most anticipated projects is appreciated and we will admit that perhaps Mister Martin had too much on his plate, all at once. Nevertheless, we won’t be seeing the book on store shelves anytime soon, so don’t hold your breath. Also, we probably won’t see the author involved with the development of Season 6 or 7 of Game Of Thrones. We assume that he will instead lock himself away in a dimly lit room somewhere in the boondocks and pay an assistant to scream obscenities into his ear until he puts out at least 20k words a week.

Hey, it worked for Douglas Adams

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