NBC’s Powerless is getting more star power by the minute. The comedy, based in the super-powered world of DC Comics, focuses on the non-super characters populating an insurance agency. Earlier this week, Vanessa Hudgens signed on to play Emily Locke, the show’s lead character.

Now two names well-known in the nerd community have also joined the show: Alan Tudyk, from Firefly and Con Man, and Danny Pudi from NBC’s former show Community. 

The two actors join a growing roster of talent behind the series, including actress Christina Kirk and writer/executive producer Ben Queen from the defunct NBC comedy A to Z.

While the usual superhero show focuses on those who can fly, mutate or kick ass, Powerless instead tells the stories of those who do the paperwork at “the world’s worst insurance agency,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. After all, someone has to clean up the mess all those DC heroes cause, and that someone is Emily Locke, dedicated claims adjuster. Tudyk will portray Del, Emily’s new blowhard boss and “rich, over-educated globetrotting wastrel” who received his promotion because his father owns the insurance company.

Pudi will portray Teddy, Emily’s work BFF and self-appointed office prankster who tries to inject some fun into the workplace and make it a little less “unsuper.” Kirk takes the role of Jackie, a colleague besotted with superheroes in spite of the chaos they leave behind and newly promoted personal assistant to Del.

With the overwhelming success of Deadpool proving that audiences like a good laugh, NBC’s fresh and funny approach with Powerless may soar even if the characters don’t wear capes.

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