Ryan Reynolds is drunk with power, Deadpool Box Office Power. Either that or he’s been hammering back Margaritas all morning with T.J. Miller. Why would we think that? Perhaps it’s his latest tweet, pushing for the Academy of Motion Pictures voters to write in Deadpool for a variety of awards this year, when the movie isn’t eligible. Yes Ryan, Deadpool is the hottest “R” rated superhero movie in the universe, heck, in the Multi-Verse, but can’t you wait until next year to bask in your awards ceremony glory? Apparently not. In another incredible bit of marketing, here’s the tweet that looks to rock Oscar’s world and upset Leonardo DiCaprio‘s Oscar plans this year.

Do it Academy, you know you want to. If nothing else this might just be the one way to get some of those dusty Academy voters to actually watch Deadpool before next years voting.

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