Pacific Rim fans have certainly been yanked around the last couple of years since the original film’s 2013 release. First there was the nail-biting box office watch to make it economically viable, then there was the wait for the greenlight, Guillermo del Toro‘s teasing about potential sequel storylines, a shifting slate of screenwriters, the officially announcement that Pacific Rim 2 will arrive in 2017, and then came the news that no, it will not. And just when you though it was safe to write off the possibility that Pac Rim 2 will ever become a reality, comes word that the show’s back on, but with an new director at the helm in the form of the man behind TV’s Spartacus and Daredevil.

According to Deadline, Steven S. DeKnight will directing the next phase of the fight between the giant mechanical Jaegers and the monstrous extra-dimensional Kaiju. Pac Rim 2 would be DeKinght’s feature directorial debut after having previously directed episodes of Angel, Smallville, Dollhouse and Daredevil. Del Toro will remain onboard as a producer, but since Pacific Rim 2 was cancelled back in September, he has moved on to other projects like Fantastic Voyage and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Jon Spaihts (Doctor Strange, Prometheus) is currently writing the screenplay.

A lot ideas have been thrown around for Pac Rim 2, including the exploration of the origins of the aliens that created the kaiju and the possibility that jaegers tech would be merged with kaiju biology, but all that may be off the table with a brand new creative team in place; Charlie Hunnum, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day, Ron Perlman and other actors from the original film are expected to return though. No new release date has been set by Legendary Pictures and its partner, Universal Studios.

Naturally, we have more information about Pacific Rim 2 version 2.0 as it becomes available.

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