Easter Eggs are always a great find, especially considering how they can boost your nerd cred. From Halo‘s mysterious Monkey-People to Mario Galaxy‘s Shadow People, we all love to obsess about the hidden possibilities behind arbitrarily hidden content. But if the still image of a bunch of blobs on top of a cliff can drive the Internet over the edge, then imagine what an actual dip-switch menu inside an arcade classic could do. We’re talking chaos, mass hysteria, dogs and cats living together, just by tapping the right buttons on your cabinet…

Intrepid Internet nerd channel YourMKArcadeSource recently discovered a hidden menu that’s been snuck into arcade copies of the classic Mortal Kombat trilogy of games (that’s MKs 1, 2 and 3 not Trilogy, by the way; Trilogy is a different game in the series altogether), planted by Midway’s grandmaster Ed J Boon, appropriately titled the EJB Menu. Granted, the name isn’t much but the guy never expected anyone to find it, so we can let that one slide.

The menu can be accessed through any Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet, by using a relatively simple code. For an MK1 cabinet, players must press:

P1 Block 5 times, P2 Block 10 times, P1 Block 2 times, P2 Block 1 time, P1 Block 2 times, P2 Block 3 times, P1 block 4 times.

For those with MK2 arcade cabinets, the code is:

P1 Block 5 times, P2 Block 10 times, P1 Block 2 times, P2 Block 8 times, P1 Block 2 times.

If you have an MK3/UMK3 cabinet, then the code is:

P1 Block 5 times, P2 Block 10 times, P1 Block 3 times, P2 Block 1 time, P1 Block 2 times, P2 Block 2 times, P1 Block 3 times, P2 Block 4 times.

Yes, these inputs sounds more tedious than mysterious, but credit where it’s due: it’s not like you’d end up pressing that particular sequence by accident, even if you banged buttons at random until the heat-death of the Universe. Ed Boon got it right: sometimes the most boring inputs are best. Once you have access to the naked glory of the EJB Menu, you will have access to viewing different character endings at will (and bask in the awkward still-shot glory of 90’s arcade game machinima), input your own name and score in the leaderboards (and piss your more competitive family members to no end) as well as run debug and diagnostics tests on the cabinet, as well as some necessary coin bookkeeping which we are guessing means that the EJB Menu is just one more thing that the conspiracy of arcade owners have been hiding from us for so damn long.


There’s also a “Hello” option which contains a list of names that the people at YourMKArcadeSource theorize is a secret special thanks list by the programmer, with the puppet master MOM highlighted at the top for the MK2 version of the menus, which is living proof that programmers will go to ludicrous lengths to hide their emotions. If you gain access to the MK3/UMK3 menus, then you get a whole lot more hidden menu goodness, such as the option to insta-unlock all hidden characters, watch the secret reel of every fatality (provided you have already beaten the game on Master difficulty) and the Penacho/Miller Game, a kaizo Galaga clone that runs on your cabinet, prefaced by a company inside joke:


And before you ask, no, the menus have not been confirmed to be accessible to other MK sequels or in console ports yet. While this little gem is only available to the few nerds with the passion and the cash to get a vintage arcade cabinet, we can at least settle for the few YouTube demonstrations and saving up for something special to clutter our living room.

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