Some fans are a little worried about spoilers going into this season of Game of Thrones; and understandably so.  The HBO series has surpassed the events of the most recently released installment of the A Song of Ice and Fire series: aka, their source material.  George R.R. Martin, author of the series, assures fans that there will be some events in the book that will be virtually impossible for the show to spoil.

Martin explains the crux of the matter:

“Some of the ‘spoilers’ you may encounter in season six may not be spoilers at all … because the show and the books have diverged, and will continue to do so,”

Martin had been toying with the idea of a twist involving one of the characters that is still alive in the books, but has been killed off on the show.  After thinking it over, a decision was reached:

“I have decided to do it,”
“Will you know it? I don’t know. It is fairly obvious because it is something that involves a couple of characters, one of which is dead on the show, and not dead in the books. So the show can’t do it, unfortunately, because they have killed someone I have not killed.”

The character in question obviously wasn’t specified, but it isn’t too hard to whittle down the options.  Barristan Selmy, Jojen Reed, and Stannis Baratheon are among those that have died on the show, but remain living as per the end of A Dance with Dragons, the most recent series installment.

The Winds of Winter, the sixth book of A Song of Ice and Fire, has yet to receive an official release date. There were deadlines set in place to ensure that the book would arrive before the Season 6 premier of Game of Thrones, but Martin missed them. All is well, though; it’s Game of Thrones fans, if anyone, that can appreciate a good plot twist!

Game of Thrones returns to HBO with Season 6 on April 24.

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