A mutilated body found in the depths of a building rigged for demolition leads Harry and DS Suri Chohan to a conspiracy that reaches the highest echelons of power and Harry learns more about his bracelet and how much power it can really wield. Suri puts herself in mortal danger, Anna continues her investigations at the clinic and Lily Anne threatens Harry’s family. But do we really care anymore?


Harry and Suri investigate the murder of a young man who’s body was mutilated and dumped in a demolition zone, but not before his kidney was surgically removed. Tracing his recent movements uncovers a medical charity, a decidedly dodgy doctor, a rare blood group shared by the Deputy Mayor of London and plot dynamics of a style that went out with the 1980’s. Harry meets up with Eve twice this week, discovering that she is the latest in a long line of “Torches”, guardians of the bracelet and the only person who can remove it. At no stage does Harry question her about why she put it on him or ask her to remove it. Because……well actually there is no logical reason whatsoever. Harry’s almost-ex Anna delves deeper into Whitecross Prison where Kevin Grey died, and Lily-Anne is released from custody and threatens Harry’s family. And as Suri continues down the path of clichéd-copper-who-done-good-anyway by hiding evidence and putting herself in extreme peril without backup to catch the bad guy, Harry gets to scare a confession out of him before going on, alone, to arrest and question the Deputy Mayor. All in a scant 44 minutes. If you can be bothered.


The problem here is this show just doesn’t know what it wants to be. Last week‘s episode was also confusing but at least a bit of fun in places. Episode 6 gives us a slug from every bottle available in the screenwriter’s cocktail cabinet, resulting in an unpalatable concoction that leaves a bad taste. “A Twist of Fate” tries to be a bit of a superhero show mixed with a dash of dark political intrigue and a measure of police procedural, all shaken with the standard action/adventure mixer. Yuck. It’s a mess. Harry in particular is badly served this week, ticking off every box in a playground interpretation of a detective as he does things his own way. And a high-ranking politician involved with murder, conspiracy and body part stealing? Yawn. In every respect this is effectively ‘Dempsey and Makepeace and the Magic Bangle’. Talking of which, this week Harry just uses it to win a couple of bets and race through red lights unscathed, despite Eve revealing that he can use it not just for luck but to actually change outcomes and alter reality at will. Yawn again. It’s a magic bloody bangle Harry! Go have some real fun with it.


James Nesbitt is worthy of so much better than this; it’s not surprising he looks stilted and fed-up at times, but he still pretty much gives it his all and – aren’t we lucky again – he doesn’t run this week. Amara Karan’s DS Suri is also still compelling to watch. There are apparantly no plans, as yet, for season 2. See? We get lucky as well.

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man airs in the UK Fridays, 9:00pm GMT, on Sky One.

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