You’ve seen Deadpool, right? Of course you have. Multiple viewings? Of course. So, you no doubt remember the, um, extracurricular activities shared by Vanessa and Wade during the commercial break from the train wreck Deadpool calls “life”. From plain ol’ making love to trading roles on International Women’s Day, Wade and Vanessa have more than a bit of open-minded fun and if you are as open-minded as the characters on the screen, or even a bit curious, there were probably a few moments that may have revved your engine a bit.  Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have a partner who is so open to those particular brands of pleasure, but for those poor souls, there is some good news!  A legal brothel in Nevada is offering visitors a chance to experience all that Deadpool had to offer in a safe, discreet environment and, guess what? We have the details.


Deadpool is an R-Rated film in every respect of the term but when it comes to the sex scene, director Tim Miller definitely pushed a few boundaries. Miller chose to include fetishes in the film that make some uncomfortable even considering, as well as some that many didn’t even know existed! Seriously, did you even know plushophilia was a thing until you saw how much Deadpool loved his unicorn?  Well, the lovely ladies over at Sherri’s Ranch in Nevada would love to give you a crash course, or a continuing education, on all of those wonderful fetishes including, yes, the infamous Women’s Day scene.  And, from the look of it, the women of the ranch are more than ready to offer you an experience of a lifetime.

Now, those particular shoes may or may not have been included in the movie but there was a particular scene in which perhaps they were featured but your eyes were too busy paying attention to other areas of the screen to notice. I suppose you’ll never know but, really, does it matter? Erin seems to be a very nice woman and if the shoes don’t win you over, just take a look at that wonderfully geeky dress.

Of course, Erin is just one of the many females at the ranch who promise to provide you a year’s worth of sexual experiences in a single night.  They invite you, nay, challenge you to try to live up to the stamina of the Merc with a Mouth. They promise to enlighten you to the reason that Wade’s unicorn was so dear to him; they want to give you the chance to live life as an anti-hero; they want to kill the stigmas that exist out there and offer you and your partner a chance to expand your limits and open yourself up (literally) to a whole new experience.  In short, Sherri’s women want you to feel like you are a hero by the time you leave.

Of course, we do not have a price available here for you, our correspondent hasn’t had a chance to visit for, um, research purposes (totally, 100%, non-carnal research purposes. We promise. Kind of.), but there is no doubt that you can get that number by calling the ranch directly and, really, if you are going to have a weekend that you won’t forget, should money be any concern?

Want to learn more about what Sherri’s Ranch has to offer? Check out their site here.

Are you planning Do you have a friend planning on taking on such an experience or have you has your friend already partaken? If so, let us know if it’s worth the cash in the comments below!  In the meanwhile, time to catch a plane to Nevada for that research.

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