You gotta hand it to HBO. They always put every last drop of effort in everything they produce, even if some of their works never quite make it to the bitter end (Carnivale nerds, you may now nod your heads solemnly). With Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 just around the corner, the network has recently gone ahead and released a featurette video, showing the work behind the elaborate sets that have contributed into making the grim fantasy mega-hit of the decade…

The featurette shows the struggle of the camera crew as they constantly bring the dark mediaeval fantasy world of The Song Of Ice and Fire to live on the small screen, hinting at some of their work on creating the necessary composition and their extensive attntion to detail when putting together some of their most impressive practical effects. While a lot of the smarts behind the art of series-making escapes us, we are sure that a lot of the cinema nerds will probably break into a sweat at the attention to detail paid to every shot.

Season 6 is sure to be a doozy, what with the development team officially moving into uncharted waters in light of the delay of George Martin‘s Winds Of Winter installment to the fantasy series. The studio is going to have to work around Daenaerys‘ recent political cul-de-sac in Meereen, aided by fantasy’s craftiest duo, Tyrion Lannister  and Varys the Spider. That’s without even going into the mystery of Aria‘s ultimate fate after her initiation into an order of superpowered faceless assassins, Jamie Lannister‘s recent loss in the family or Cersei‘s sure-to-be bloody revenge with a magical cyborg Mountain in tow.

Oh and Sansa Stark is still missing, Jon Snow might come back from the dead (we guess he won’t) and Bran Stark has some recently-acquired Druid-levels to show off and we all know how broken druids are, especially in a low-magic setting. Let’s hope that the end result can live up to the hype.

Also, that the writing team won’t just kill everybody, if the teaser is anything to go by.


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