It wasn’t too long ago when Rovio‘s Angry Birds mega-franchise infested every nook and cranny of mobile gaming: from ill-considered Pixar licensing to a Star Wars expansion to the obligatory space simulator, the game took the concept of flightless birds vs limbless pigs tossing and just ran with it. However, the recently released international trailer for the film seems to raise more questions than it answers in the first place…

This first International trailer sheds some lights on the specifics of the film, telling the age-old story of the red-bird outcast (voiced by Andy Sudekis) as he realizes the inherent dangers to thinly-veiled western pig colonialism, is finally vindicated by virtue of history which somehow leads bird-kind to begin their epic war against the porcine conquistadors using slingshots. Okay, yes, the story idea is flimsy but at least the writing team did their best out of reverse-engineering the series’ gameplay!

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From what we can surmise, Angry Birds is going to be standard kids’ film fare, even if it does have an underlying cynical streak, what with the birds dying in droves as they burst through the atmosphere in speeds exceeding those of sound, only to crash into the pigs’ superior stone-and-metal edifices. I mean, don’t get us wrong, we love us a good animated cartoony bloodbath, but how many children are going to cheer for a flight of kamikaze birds? Then again, who knows? Maybe it’s time we got ourselves a gorier, more colorful version of Watership Down.

Of course we wish onbly the best for Sony and Rovio‘s recent (if unnecessary) endeavor to re-ignite interest in a failing franchise and hope that we are just being overly pessimistic about this. After all, The LEGO Movie came out of left field and blew our minds and besides: we might just get a Minecraft that’s worth a damn, provided this one doesn’t tank horribly.

Red (Jason Sudeikis) enjoys lunch alone in the park in Columbia Pictures and Rovio Animation's ANGRY BIRDS.

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