He’s the Doctor. He’s a Time Lord. He’s from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. He is 906 years old (at last count), and he’s the man to save your world from Daleks, Vashta Nerada infestations, the occasional horde of invading Cybermen and improptu wormholes that will allow swarms of ravenous metal aliens to reduce your world to dust. He’s coming back and the best part is, he’s probably got his best companion in tow for his special comeback…

Science fiction nerd hearthrob and Tenth Doctor incarnation David Tennant is coming back and Donna Noble (Katherine Tate) is scheduled to be right by his side, as they careen across the cosmos in his trusty TARDIS (possibly restored to its iconic, if slightly messy Coral setting). The new and expanded adventures of the Doctor-Donna are scheduled to begin airing this May, in a special edition titled The Tenth Doctor Adventures Vol.1.

The adventures are going to be in the diehard classic radio drama format (old-school nerds, you may smile knowingly) and will be divided in three special episodes. The first episode will be titled Time Reaver, with the team of intrepid space-time adventurers going after the titular monster on the planet of Calibris. The second episode will be titled Technophobia and it’s going to deal with the age-old genre question of how mankind can cope with the sudden loss of its technology as the pair find themselves stranded in modern-day London (the worst place on Earth to live, if the series is any indication) and finally, Death And The Queen, with Donna Noble getting the spotlight in a strange (and ultimately tragic) romance.


Each episode will be respectively written by Matt Fitton (a Big Finish radio-drama veteran since the days of the Sixth Doctor), author of over a dozen science fiction comedic novels and James Goss, the man behind a slew of licensed Doctor Who novels, including an audiobook adaptation for Douglas Adams‘ Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective agency, a novel about electric monks and a detective who hates getting stuff done, so he lets the Universe push him around instead.

If the promotional trailer is anything to go by, both Tennant and Tate seem to be having a blast reprising their most recognizable roles and the entire thing is a sheer joy to listen to. So Tenth Doctor die-hards, new Whovians, wizened grognards, strap yourselves in. This one’s gonna be a treat.

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