When a man turns 75, that’s usually a sign that it is time to start slowing down and taking things a bit easier. They are probably retired, and looking forward to a nice, quiet life. Not so if you happen to be one of the great, enduring symbols of America, and one of Marvel’s flagship properties as Captain America is set to blow out a whopping 75 candles on his birthday cake this year, and what better way to ring in the event than bringing back one of Geekdom’s most beloved comic enthusiasts, Joss Whedon, to pen an all new story. has confirmed that Marvel will be bringing back the Avengers director and his Astonishing X-Men artist John Cassady, to pen an all new story that is said to be “celebrating the legacy and legend of Captain America”. The story is set to appear in Captain America: Sam Wilson #7, along with a main story by the creative team of Nick Spencer & Daniel Acuna, and another backup story by Greg Rucka & Mike Perkins.

Whedon and Cassady first wowed Marvel fans with a legendary run on Astonishing X-Men way back in 2004 that not only saw the return of fan favorite Colossus, it introduced several new Mutant characters and even had parts of the story adapted into the less than well received X-Men – The Last Stand. The run broke sales records for marvel and was also adapted into a motion comic mini-series.

Captain America is set to celebrate his birthday when the issue lands on shelves nation wide on March 30th.

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