Although Disney is the home court for Marvel properties, there are certain exclusions to the game.  Fox has dibs on the X-men characters, thus the recent home run for the studio with Deadpool, and Sony still has partial ownership of Spider-man and characters associated with his comic.  It was assumed that the shared rights might kill any new movies in the Spider-man franchise, but it seems that may not be the case!  Sure, Sony killed the Amazing Spider-man 3 reboot that was planned with then web-slinger, Andrew Garfield, but they’ve announced a new untitled reboot set to appear in theaters sometime next year.  And with that under their belt, the powers that be have their eyes on another project, a certain villain turned anti-hero known as Venom.

Don’t know who Venom is?  Remember that god-awful movie, Spider-man 3?  Tobey Maguire played both Spider-man and the alien symbiote, Venom (the black-suit Spidey).  The alien appears as a gooey black mass that requires a host to bond with in order to survive.  It is a sentient being, and once it inhabits a host, it takes over, endowing its host with superhuman powers such as shapeshifting.  Venom originally appeared as a supervillain, but has since become a sort of anti-hero.  In its current incarnation, he has bonded with Flash Thompson, a former bully turned buddy of Peter Parker.  It is unclear whether the Sony flick would show him as an epic villain or near-good guy.

Avi Arad (Iron Man) and Matt Tolmach (The Amazing Spider-Man are producing and overseeing the new film.  Dante Harper, a relative newcomer to the scene, has been picked to pen the screenplay.  This will be unrelated to the new reboot coming next year and starring Tom Holland (In the Heart of the Sea), although it is highly probable there will be some cross-overs.  Much like the successful Deadpool, this is meant to be not only a standalone, but the start of a new franchise.  It seems America’s favorite merc might have started a new trend in Hollywood, ushering in the age of The Anti-hero.  Bout time.  Hollywood needs a little shakeup.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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