Ghostbusters doesn’t have to work too hard to generate controversy, but in the wake of the release of the first trailer last week it seems that it’s mostly just generated more controversy rather than hype. Many were disappointed, some thought it was too contrived, some say it’s not funny, and there are others still who are accusing the film of some *light* racism. Why? Because it seems to be about three white female scientists and their black friend who works in the subway. Well Leslie Jones and others are hitting back at those who are writing off her characters as just fare collector.

Andrew Shaffer, a New York Times best-selling author who’s writing the Ghostbusters tie-in novel, is saying cool your gears. If you want there to be more to Jones’ character Patty Tolan than meets the eye, relax, there is. “Some concern online over Leslie Jones’ Ghostbusters character being the ‘streetwise’ one,” he told HitFix’s Donna Dickens. “That’s understandable from the trailer edit. but she’s also described in marketing materials as a ‘municipal historian.’ She’s more than just a 4th wheel.”

The “municipal historian” line comes from the movie poster, and in the trailer Patty tells the others that while they now “science stuff” she knows New York. Sure, you can read that in the worst way possible, but you can also read that as she knows New York because she reads a lot of New York City history books and maybe blogs about it on “Ephemeral New York.”


Jones herself responded to the criticism via Twitter saying…

Adding fuel to Jones’ fire is an email she received from an actual employee of Metropolitan Transit Authority, who is loudly proud of her job and the way that Jones’ looks to be portraying it in Ghostbusters.

“Hey Leslie, thanks for being you. A question was asked by a news writer about your role on your new movie…This was my response: I work for the MTA in that role as a Token Boof Clerk and I was happy to see my job, something which provides me with plenty of jokes, a great perspective on society, and a birds eye view of horrible shit that I witness everyday on screen. I wished Leslie would have hooked me up…a joke) however, the fact that my position as a clerk is the most abused by society, I feel this may give us a semblance of humanness. That’s what I attempted in my one woman show “Swipe This! My Life in Transit” That glass in the boof have folk thinking I’m invisible, that I’m not a college graduate, and a producer, comedian, writer, actor, etc…I’m not a miserable, neck-rolling, stereotype in civil service I love my job and I enjoy engaging people with information infused with humor. Leslie is a comedian. She’s a larger than life personality nd it’s the first thing we see no matter what role she gets. As she grows, she will be able to tap into all her greatness. I am supporting this movie because I see me.’” I hope you receive all that’s for you. You looked so cute in the uniform. Congrats Sis. I’m proud of you. Kick ass.”

And if all that isn’t enough to convince you to not feel sorry for Jones being forced to play a poor, disadvantage MTA employee, Shaffer has this to keep in mind:

Ghostbusters will be in theaters everywhere on July 15.

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