Although it has only been eight years since the 2008 movie, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, talk of a third Hellboy continues to take fans on a roller-coaster ride of emotions as Ron Perlman and Guillermo del Toro wage an almost Ghostbuster 3 like campaign to get the movie into production. For years Ghostbuster fans, dying for a sequel, had to endure Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd‘s almost constantly comical, back and forth on whether a sequel would ever be made. In this latest round of Hellboy III On & Off Again Perlman is back on the negative side of the fence.

While in Guadalajara doing press for the Amazon Prime series Hand of God and his own production company’s (Wing and a Prayer Pictures) film Pottersville, Perlman had this to say about Hellboy III.


…probably will never happen, though you never say never never.

It looks like Perlman’s attempt to get the internet to “Deadpool” Hellboy III isn’t making the strides he had hoped for. Del Toro’s most recent statements about the possibility of a Hellboy III ties it directly to the financial success of Pacific Rim 2. Pacific Rim‘s sequel has had its own trouble getting underway and that just sinks the Hellboy III hopes further down that slippery slope.

Ghostbusters fans can certainly relate to this up and down toying of emotion when it comes to sequels. Does this mean that twenty years from now there will be a Paul Fieg reboot of the Hellboy franchise with an all female cast? Probably not, but Hellboy fans can expect to continue the up and down journey that might one day be Hellboy III.

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