Ugh, is it April yet? It feels like it’s been forever since Game of Thrones was last on TV. When we last left some of our favorite characters, a lot had gone down. People died, things burned to the ground, and clothes were dropped. In other words, it was just another Tuesday in Westeros. But now the time has come, and a new season is just over the horizon. This season should be quite the doozy because for the first time, the people that so many fans have grown to love won’t have George R. R. Martin around to help point them in the right direction. They’re now at the mercy of television writers.

Before you dive right into things, take a look at the awesome trailer for the new season of Game of Thrones which is set to debut on April 24th.

Now that you’ve seen it, take a minute to let it all in, then feel free to replay it a few more times. Do you feel better? First of all, is that John Snow singing “Wicked Games” in the background? It couldn’t be. He doesn’t know anything let alone the lyrics to the song.

So the trailer begins right where things left off. A familiar face, laying in his own pool of blood, and the voice of Davos saying, “He’s gone.” Then we hear Jamie Lannister doing what he does best and scheming a way to take back what they feel belongs to them. It can only be assumed that he’s talking to his sister who had to walk a path of shame near the end of last season. Next is Ramsay Snow and then a broken Melisandre. It seems those visions weren’t what she thought they were. Then there’s Jorah Mormont who seems to be in search of someone. A defeated looking Daenerys looks up – probably hoping that one of her dragons swoops down to save her. Of course there’s the guy from the Infiniti car commercials. He seems like he’s gained a few ranks or two and is poised to be a major player this season.

One of the best shots of the trailer is the ever sweet and oh, so naive Sansa Stark. And as we see her, the voice of Peter Dinklage comes on to say, “You’re in the great game now.” Has she finally grown up enough to become a major player in the series? And more importantly, what will she do about Ramsay?

And that’s just the first half of the trailer. The second half is full of action, a teasing of some nudity, there’s a couple who get it on, some yelling happens, and then…is that Bran? It’s always weird watching television shows where kids literally go through puberty. He looks nothing like when the show first started. Finally, there’s that ending scene with Davos wielding a sword and apologizing for what he’s about to do in a room with other men and the body of John Snow. What’s he going to do?

davos and stark
To find out, you’ll have to tune in to the season premiere of Game of Thrones on April 24th on HBO.

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