Re-imagining nostalgic nerd films 30 years after the fact is always a bold move and Ghostbusters seems to be making one heck of a gambit with its audience. Whatever you opinion on the new film is, you have to agree that Sony‘s promotional campaign seems to be pulling all the stops in an effort to back it up. Its recently released international trailer seems to be taking things in a new direction, giving more screen-time for another much-vaunted cast member…

MCU Norse-god Chris Hemsworth gets to have his own go in the new international trailer for the film, representing the new Ghostbusters secretary, standing in as an extrovert version of Janine.He appears to be a more pro-active version of the character, participating in their adventure to an extent and chiming in with his own version of the Ghostbusters logo. Apparently, his direction is as the “unreasonably hot but awkward” type of support nerd, which seems to be an interesting direction for the character.


Judging by this new trailer, the film by Paul Feig seems to be much more tightly structured and concise, after giving up on a lot of the forced slapstick and focusing on bringing back the tone and feel of the original. He also seems to have considerable guts, what with actually managing to bring ghost busting back on the silver screen, especially in light of Dan Aykroyd‘s repeated failed attempts to get the old team back together (which resulted in a less-than stellar Ghostbusters video game release).

Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones seem to be having fun through the whole thing. We hope that the newest re-imagining of the story will manage to exceed expectations and give us a good chuckle, while making sure to steer well away from any political statements, a lot of which seem to be surfacing as a reason behind the film’s poor reception so far.

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