It’s hard to write these posts when you’re still fan-boying over the thing you’re trying to write about. Seriously, if this Captain America: Civil War trailer doesn’t make you giddy as a school girl then to hell with ya, NerdBastards isn’t for you. Click through to check it out if you  haven’t already.

Marvel just tweeted out the new trailer. Let’s talk about it after you take a look.

HOLY BLOW ME AWAY BATMAN! Tony gave Spider-Man the codename: Underoos. The whole trailer vibe is spot on and we can’t wait for this to hit the big screen on May 6th. Arghh, that’s still almost two months away.

There are some subtle changes to the Spider-Man suit, but overall it looks fantastic. It certainly pays homage to the comic book version without trying to do something so different and new.


So many fanboy moments in there, Spidey making his appearance, Ant-Man on the arrow, Black Panther doing his thing, this movie looks relentless. The scenes between Chris Evans‘ Captain America and Robert Downey Jr‘s Tony Stark look intense. Those two have such a chemistry on the screen together. We’ve seen them argue as teammates, now we get to see them both take off the gloves and let it fly.

They also released this spiffy new poster for the movie. No Spider-Man on it, and no name listing either…


Here’s the first trailer if you have been living in a cave for the last couple months.

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