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When we last left Lara Croft on the big screen, she was played by Angelina Jolie and under the direction of Jan de Bont. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your opinion of those films), Angelina Jolie refused to return for a third Tomb Raider film, and we haven’t seen Ms. Croft in theaters since. In recent years, the success of 2013’s Tomb Raider video game and the announcement of a new film adaptation of the series has inspired several fan casting articles online. Fans everywhere have been wondering the same thing: who will be the next woman to don the braided ponytail? Today, that question may finally be answered.


Deadline, the overlord of breaking news, has reported today that Star Wars: The Force Awakens star Daisy Ridley is in talks to play Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider movie. Ali Jaafar reported that while no official negotiations or offers have been made yet, the producers at MGM and Warner Brothers are considering her for the role.

The new Tomb Raider film is being written by Divergent screenwriter Evan Daughtry with Norwegian director Roar Uthaug signed on to direct. It is tentatively set for release in 2017, which is the same year that Star Wars: Episode VIII comes out. Daisy Ridley is currently filming her role that film, so if she says “yes” to playing Lara Croft, she will certainly have her hands full.

The original video game series centered around an English archaeologist who traveled the world searching for treasures in dangerous locations. If you ask us, Ridley is perfect for the role. In some ways, Ridley’s role of Rey in The Force Awakens is similar to Lara Croft. Rey is a scavenger who searches for parts to sell for food, so playing a treasure hunter won’t be too much of a stretch for Ridley. She’s quick on her feet and quite agile too, so Ridley can bring her experience of playing Rey to 2017’s Tomb Raider. Not to mention the fact that Ridley is already English, so she doesn’t have to put on a fake accent like Jolie did.


Again, the idea of Ridley playing Lara Croft is still early and may not end up happening. However, considering how well Ridley fits the role, one can hope that the words “Daisy Ridley” will eventually grace the poster of the newest Tomb Raider film.

Via: Deadline

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