It might come as a surprise to find out that there are some NerdBastards that don’t want to find out every little detail about every superhero movie before it hits the big screen. Yes, NerdBastards does write a lot of posts every day about just this kind of thing, it is the bread and butter of the Nerdy Internet Media, but does that mean fans need to know every little detail, or want to for that matter, before they see it in the theater? The latest Captain America: Civil War trailer ending is a perfect example of the studios showing too much. Yes, we’re all dying to see what Spider-Man’s costume is going to look like, but did we really need to see it before the movie made it to the big screen?The trailer could have just shown the Captain America webbing scene without the big reveal. Would any of the hype have been lost, would anyone that had already decided to see the movie have changed their minds and decide not to go see it over the lack of a direct Spider-Man shot? Of course not, look at how it would have played out.






That webbed tease of Spider-Man would have been enough at this point. Why not save that big visual reveal for the in-theater movie-going audience? That moment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is akin to Luke finding out Darth Vader is his father, Old Yeller getting sick with Rabies, and knowing Spock was going to die in Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan.

Would Spider-Man ever make it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been the biggest Internet topic since the first Iron Man movie. Now that we’ve all gotten what we begged and dreamed of, it just feels like Marvel cheapened it somehow.

Watch this Spider-Man 3 trailer:

The Spider-Man reveal in the Captain America: Civil War is not as bad as the trailer for Spider-Man 3 which basically told you the entire movie including the reveal of the retconning of Uncle Ben’s actual killer that, in fact, could have been kept out of the trailer and left for audiences to discover while watching the movie.

Another example is Terminator: Salvation. (Yes, we know how much you all hate that movie.) The trailer revealed that Sam Worthington‘s character Marcus Wright was a cyborg not once, but twice. Wouldn’t that reveal have had more impact in the theater seat as opposed to the computer screen?

Don’t get NerdBastards wrong, seeing Spider-Man in that Captain America: Civil War trailer was fanboy orgasmic, in fact the only thing that would or could, have made that entrance better would be this:


Now we’re going to see a lot of positive and negative posts and discussion about the new costume, not to mention that cosplayers across the globe are now furiously capturing screen shots and ordering fabric to try to make the opening weekend of May 6th in the full new Spider-Man costume, but did we all miss an opportunity to enrich our movie going experience?

Damn right we did! Marvel just reached right into our collective chest and ripped the living heart right out. Look at it, dripping blood and still slowly beating. Remember when certain movies moments in a darkened theater made you feel like a kid? This is one of those moments and we had to feel it sitting in front of a computer screen at work, or holding our phone on a smelly bus or subway car. Yes, it was fabulous, but years from now, none of us will be fondly recalling that moment when, in a darkened theater, – Holy crap! – it happened.


Well that’s this NerdBastards’ two cents. Spend it however you want.

Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet, or just want to relive it once again.


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