Long have people wondered: who is Jena Malone playing in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice? The actress was cast, she shot her scenes, but last week it was revealed that those scenes were not going to be in the theatrical version of the film to be released in a few weeks time. Instead, Malone’s scenes will be worked back into the R-rated “Director’s Cut” of Batman V. Superman, but that means a few more months of speculation about her top secret character. Or does it? A sneaky sneak got some intelligence on the matter, and let’s just say that sometimes the rumors are true.

As you’ll recall, there was talk of one of two possible roles for the Stepmom actress (yeah, we went there): Carrie Kelley or Barbara Gordon. Having Malone be Carrie would be in keeping with the Dark Knight Returns’ themes that helped inspire Batman V. Superman, but on the other hand, it would be nice to cleanse the Batgirl pallet since there hasn’t been a live-action version of the character since Alicia Silverstone in Batman and Robin. Director Zack Snyder said that Malone was neither Robin nor Batgirl, but he didn’t say that Malone couldn’t be Barbara Gordon…


Someone on Reddit posted that, an entertainment survey provided by Warner Bros. Pictures asking participants to name a character they hoped to see more of in future trailers for the film. Putting on our speculation hats, it might be an indication that Malone is playing Barbara Gordon, who at this point in the story is now ensconced in the Oracle identity. We know from the trailers that there’s already a dead Robin in the history of this Batman (Jason Todd perhaps?), so is it possible that the Joker’s already attacked Barbara Gordon too in this timeline, replicating The Killing Joke? Sounds plausible, but again, we’ll have to wait until that “Director’s Cut” Blu-ray to know for sure.

Theatrically, Batman V. Superman will be in theaters everywhere on March 25.


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