Plenty of things have been said about Fox’s first X-Men spin-off movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the least among them is that it was a good movie. So bad was the movie that it shot down a planned series of origin movies featuring some of our favorite X characters. Director Gavin Hood has held his tongue about the publicly troubled production, and now that Fox’s own Deadpool decided to take a pot-shot at the movie, Hood has finally broken his silence.

News from the set had been less than encouraging, but when the work print of the movie was leaked online, word of mouth about how horrid the movie was spread like wild fire even before the film hit theaters.

After Hood hit Oscar gold for his indie film Tsotsi, he was handed the reigns of what could have been one of the biggest movies of his career. Hood has spoken out that he and Hugh Jackman had wanted to do a movie about a reluctant super hero who was suffering from severe PTSD but claimed that the studio stepped in and put the brakes on that idea. Instead what we got was a mess of a movie with wasted characters and a mute Deadpool.

“When ‘Tsotsi’ happened, the best we were hoping for, frankly, was to get the film released in our own country. It was made for a very low budget, and so the event that followed, including the Oscar, were not something you planned, and they came, frankly, as a huge shock, and I thought we were very lucky, and it could have been somebody else, but when it happened, Hollywood has a strange sense of calling, and when you’re young, you have a strange way of being flattered by that call, for good or bad.”

That call lead to a troubled production with a second unit director that had a different vision of what the film should be and a writer strike that left them with an incomplete script. But unlike some that would have passed the buck, Hood manned up and took the blow on the chin and took responsibility for the final product.

“I’m very grateful because I managed to buy a house off that film, so don’t get me wrong. I own the mistakes I made. I learned a great deal, but I hope that the film tonight is more in my wheelhouse. If you don’t like the film, you can tell me after. I come back for Q&A, and I have no one to blame. It comes from working with a writer who I loved, prepping it with producers who really wanted to make the same movie, and that’s the Hollywood story.”

Its an admirable attitude in an industry that is quick to throw the blame around for a massive failure like Wolverine was to any unsuspecting victim. Hood is currently touring around his newest movie “Eye In The Sky”, a more intimate film that deals with death during war.

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