Harry and Suri are called to a murder scene and Harry is shocked to discover that the victim is his brother’s girlfriend, Babs. Worse still, she’s been killed by a gunshot fired from an antique Napoleonic pistol and the antique-dealing Rich is missing. Orwell is put on the case with Suri and Harry is told to keep well out of the investigation. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.


Immediately ignoring protocol and common sense, Harry enlists Eve’s help to help gain access to the murder scene once more, and the magic of the bangle helps him locate a clue; an antiques book with a set of fingerprints. These belong to a Charles Collins, ex army major, ex Mi5 and current head of Kenilworth Security, a firm with extremely strong ties to the government. As Harry’s brother Rich, now in custody, confirms that it was Collins who had arrived at Bab’s flat just before he lost consciousness, Harry presents his evidence to Suri. But she doesn’t act as he expects and is instead aghast at Harry’s duplicity; Rich is to be charged with murder and is on remand and en route to Whitecross Prison, the facility where Kevin Grey met his end some weeks ago.

Not giving up, Harry confronts Collins at Kenilworth Security headquarters, interrupting a meeting with a big cheese from the government in the process. Following the trope of all lazy tv coppers, he outlines the full case and evidence against Collins before admitting he hasn’t got enough to charge him with. Way to go Harry. Aren’t you meant to be an experienced gambler or something? Talk about showing your hand. Harry and Collins set up a later meeting, meaning Harry will be alone and vulnerable. Not particularly smart choices you’re making this week Harry.


Before the meeting, Harry decides to lay all his cards on the table with Big Bastard Boss Winter. He explains that this man called Golding, who may well be Collins, is at the heart of everything and is “…holding London to hostage!”. Eh? What? These bad guys have certainly done some bad things over the weeks but assigning blame for all that is wrong with the capital seems a little harsh. God bless him, Winter actually listen and promises to look into Harry’s claims, despite the sensitivity of investigating the city’s elite, including one-time copper, now Deputy Mayor Karl Frierson. Even more amazingly, he follows up on his promise. Not such a bastard after all then Winter?

As Harry gets to his rendezvous with Collins, he receives a call from his brother saying the location has changed to over the river. Isn’t he is prison? Yes indeed, and it’s stark proof that he can be got at. Despite the fact that this is clearly a trap, Harry boards a cable car to go meet Collins who is aiming a sniper rifle directly at Harry across the Thames.


And it’s here that Stan Lee’s Lucky Man pretty much jumps the shark. Placing his utmost faith in the bracelet, Harry calmly faces a hail of bullets once more, only this time he deflects them a la Wonder Woman. Worse still, an attempt at help by Eve results in her being kidnapped by Collins, necessitating Harry giving chase on foot. Yes, Harry runs again this week. Lynda Carter did it all so much better. There’s another confrontation with Collins, another escape and a bit more luck with the bangle and Winter and Suri get a tip-off resulting in Harry’s flat being raided, whereupon a decapitated head is found in his freezer to close the episode. But by now, it’s hard to keep interest.

We’ve two more episodes to play out and, no doubt, see Harry solve the mass conspiracy that’s barely been explained and bring the bad guys to justice. If they embraced the silliness and have Harry running and batting bullets away with his bangle for the next two hours it would make a fine conclusion. Only joking. Hats off to Nesbitt, who continues to invest Harry with everything he’s got. In a recent interview, Nesbitt said the secret of his success was never saying no to anything. He’s wrong. He’s a damn fine actor who can make even this daftness still really rather watchable. Or maybe he’s just really lucky?

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man airs in the UK Fridays, 9:00pm GMT, on Sky One.

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