Last Friday, John Boyega showed up at the Royal London Hospital to visit Daniel Bell, a 5-year-old diagnosed with a brain tumor who wished to meet his favorite Star Wars: The Force Awakens character, Finn. Boyega showed up in full Finn costume and stayed in character for his entire visit.


Working in conjunction with Rays of Sunshine, the UK-based charity that helps fulfill the wishes of seriously ill children, Boyega had a fantastic visit with Daniel and his family and all the other children in the hospital. Boyega said this about the visit:

When I heard about Daniel’s wish to meet Finn, I jumped at the chance to make it come true. It was fantastic to be a part of his very special wish with Rays of Sunshine. He is an amazing and inspirational boy and it was a pleasure to meet him and his family. It was also great to meet the children at The Royal London Hospital and be a part of something so positive.

Daniel’s mother had this to say:

Daniel loves Star Wars and especially Finn – he thinks he is super cool and runs around the house pretending to be him every day.To see Daniel smile like that without a care in the world after everything he’s been through, knowing how much time and effort Rays of Sunshine have put in to his wish and that John Boyega gave his time to make it come true, is priceless. Both Rays of Sunshine and Finn together have changed Daniel’s world for him. These things can’t be bought and really do mean the world. There are no words to express how grateful we are to you all. Daniel is on cloud nine! Or should we say, somewhere past Jakku!

Boyega posted this pictures to Instagram:

❤️ Layla: Finn where’s Rey? Finn: I don’t know, I got beat by kylo and I can’t remember anything Layla: okay I’ll be your Rey today. Okay? Finn: okay! Lead the way.

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Tara Shea, Play Team Leader at The Royal London Hospital said this about the visit:

We were so honoured to be asked to help make Daniel’s wish come true, to meet Finn and give other children in hospital gifts. Many of the children at the hospital have serious illnesses or spend long periods on the wards, special visits, such as today’s, really do lift their mood and give them happy experiences during what can be a difficult time. As Daniel knows what it is like to be in hospital it was so lovely for him to want to use his wish to give back and help out our patients. We were all touched and moved by the afternoon.

No word on whether Boyega borrowed the Finn costume from the set of the currently filming Star Wars: Episode VIII or perhaps he nicked one from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens set. Who could blame him though, especially when he uses it for events like this.

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