The pending arrival of Negan, to be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, has all fans of The Walking Dead on edge. The character casts a big shadow, and even those unfamiliar with the comic book source material know that Negan is a Big Bad that registers a 11 on the villain scale, and with just three more episodes left in season six, the dead pool for our cast of post-apocalyptic survivors is at a fever pitch. So who’s going to die? A fan’s speculation has zeroed in on one of two possibilities, and it’s all thanks to the song selection for the coming Walking Dead season finale. Potential spoilers ahead!

An Uproxx reader named Samuel Quentin has culled from various sources, including The Talking Dead, and learned that the Maya Lavelle song “This Ain’t the End” will be played in the season finale of the show. According to Quentin, the lyrical content in the song written by Lana del Rey points to one of two possible deaths at the end of season six.

The “Daryl will die” Camp believe that Emily Kinney will make a reappearance and possibly do a cover of this song, appearing as a vision to Daryl and welcoming him to join her. Lyrics like “I’m in the garden, drinking bourbon” suggest this and the fact that Emily was spotted on set.

The “Glenn will die” Camp believe that these are the words of Maggie, “We are family” and “Our legacy will never die” – referring to the baby. A lot of times the theme of “Children are our future” are touched upon especially during the last episode.

Quentin is not the first to suppose that Daryl and Glenn are one and two with a baseball bat as potential victims to prove the savageness of Negan. Both are solid choices, if fairly obvious. In Glenn’s case, he’s had a target on his back for a while because it’s Glenn that’s killed by Negan in the comic book. On the other hand, Glenn already had a near death fake out earlier this season, and the writers wouldn’t dick us around with Glenn’s fate for five episodes only to have him whacked by Negan in the finale, would they?

As for Daryl, he’s an invention for the series that took on a life of his own, and a very popular life at that. Ever been to a convention where Norman Reedus is appearing? He’s like a rock star! And with all those t-shirts out there with the phrase “If they kill Daryl, we’ll riot” on them, we wouldn’t be surprised if there was an actual riot in the event of Daryl’s untimely demise. But would The Walking Dead have the gall to take it all the way and kill off Daryl? Possibly, and it’s worth noting that Reedus is presently working on a whole other show for AMC.

Anyway, listen to “This Ain’t the End” for yourself below and see if you can mine any Easter eggs from it. The Walking Dead season finale airs on April 3

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