Deadpool recently passed the $700 million mark at the box office, cementing its place as one of the most successful super hero movies of all time. Along with Ryan Reynolds’ fantastic performance and humor, the movie’s special effects played a crucial role in bringing our favorite Merc with a Mouth to the big screen. What’s truly incredible is the amount of special effects that were produced on that $58 million dollar budget. Check out this visual effects breakdown for that big bridge fight scene from the movie.Atomic Fiction posted this video to Vimeo with this description:

“Deadpool” marks the beginning of a new era for superhero films, and one sequence in particular was key to setting the tone. This is an in-depth VFX breakdown reel showcasing the behind-the-scenes efforts by the Atomic Fiction team. The work involved creating computer generated characters, vehicles, and an entire urban environment, for the thrilling car chase that kicks off this new franchise!

Special thanks to Tim Miller, Jonathan Rothbart, our friends at Blur, and 20th Century Fox for the opportunity to contribute to these sequences.

That is a lot of special effects. It’s interesting how smoothly that all fit in the movie, with the limited practical effects. More often than not, when a scene has more visual CGI effects than real life, it looks out-of-place, the effects team and editors managed to close that awkward gap with something much more realistic looking.

What do you think? Did this video surprise you with the amount of effects used?

Via: Atomic Fiction

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