Civil War’s latest trailer made huge waves in the global nerd scene. Coupled with Robert Downey Junior‘s recent consideration of giving up his iconic Iron Man role means that Captain America: Civil War needs to give us the biggest, meanest, most over-the-top MCU pow-wow yet. The cast and creative team seem to be taking all this performance anxiety rather well, all things considered, what with their recent teases and some of the behind-the-scenes hijinks that we’ve been hearing about…

Let’s get the biggest bit of news out-of-the-way first: in a recent Facebook video update from their page, the Russo Brothers (the pair behind the making of Captain America: Civil War) go over the grueling details of making a movie work, letting us have a look at their sound mixing studio while a scene from the upcoming movie plays in the background.

We can plainly see the Avengers full roster in conference with Marvel‘s favorite unwitting supervillain, General Ross, in what is probably the first act of the film. If we had to guess, we’d say that this is the bit where the government lets the superhumans know that they need to keep themselves in line.

According to Anthony Russo the man holding the smart phone camera, the development team are:

About a week-and-a-half away from delivery…

and are keeping the hype-engines stoked and revving up for the big day. We have to hand it to them, though: subtlety isn’t a usual M.O. for most studios that tackle such an ambitious project and the clip in the background makes for some great Easter egg hunting. For example, we bet you didn’t even notice Vision in his suit and tie getup, did you? We’re guessing that even if you are an impossible cyborg powered by a Power Stone, you still need to follow some basic formal wear rules.


Now that we’ve got that news out of the way, let’s get down to some Ant-Man related hijinks. Paul Rudd recently confessed that he outright took Captain America‘s iconic shield out of the prop guy’s hands and nerded out with it while Chris Evans was on a bathroom break. We are assuming that he made the most out of those five minutes in nerdvana, pretending to block Mjolnir with it and making whooshing noises with his mouth as he pretended to throw it. Despite all this, however the actor admitted that:

I was cousin Oliver to the rest of the Brady Bunch.


Admitting that for all his sunny disposition, he’s starring in some pretty tall-order stuff. Still, he proved his mettle by handling one of the most unlikely hits in the MCU and we are sure that he will pull through with Civil War, or maybe just use his ridiculously imbalanced superpowers to get a chuckle out of the audience.



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