Admit it,  as a kid (and probably still now well into your adulthood) you’ve always dreamed Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory was a real place, and that you’d be one of the lucky few to find a Golden Ticket inside a wrapped chocolate bar, and be swept up into a world of pure imagination as you tour the mysterious and reclusive chocolate factory.  Of course, if the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory taught us anything, it’s that most people are horrible greedy little sh*ts, and chocolate factories are as wonderful as they are dangerous – from chocolate water falls and lickable wallpaper, to  nightmarish psychedelic boat rides, and megalomaniac chocolatiers.  Still,  who wouldn’t wanna go?

Well now, thanks to Universal Studios, you can! But… it’s perhaps not as exciting as you hoped it would be.


With a number of expansions and attractions – including the Avatar, Toy Story and Star Wars land – being developed across the way, Universal Studios is trying their darnedest to keep up with The House of Mouse. While this latest coming attraction from Universal Studios can’t quite compete with the allure/excitement of Star Wars land, it is sure to be a heck of a lot tastier.



You might want to curve that excitement just a bit. There will be no golden tickets. No river of chocolate. No Oompa Loompa’s. And no widely absurd man in a colorful suit and top hat to greet you at the gates. This attraction is not inspired  from the 1971 film starring Gene Wilder, which is still under Warner Bros. License. It is its own – steam punk influenced – concept tagged with the Willy Wonka name.


To further add to the disappointment, this is not a ride. So no trippy travels through a tunnel of madness while a man-child sings creepily to you – bummer! Instead, it will be a multi-level restaurant/eatery serving a wide array of chocolate based beverage and snacks.


  • Chocolate x5: An explosion of chocolate with chocolate spirals, chunks, ice-cream and whipped cream.
  • Bacon Brittle: A fun twist on a breakfast favorite with bacon ice cream, bacon brittle, chocolate covered bacon and bacon caramel.
  • Espresso Buzzzz: A coffee lover’s dream with coffee ice-cream and chocolate covered beans.
  • Red Velvet: A milkshake topped with a Red Velvet cupcake… enough said.
  • Key Lime Pie: We’ve taken this classic Florida dessert and turned it into a delicious shake. You’ll even get a slice of pie on top!

Willy Wonka’s Factory will replace NBA City, being remodeled into the famous chocolate shop. The food will take your imagination to new heights with a menu that features unique twists on classic steak, seafood, and pasta entries, gourmet burgers, sandwiches, incredible salads, all-day brunch and so much more. And the desert will simply be stunning….

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