While DC executives can deny it till the cows come home, Deadpool‘s “R” rated success at the box office is breathing new life into some old comic book properties. On the DC side there’s Lobo, The Main Man, the cursing, killing, hard-drinking, intergalactic biker mercenary of the 90’s reinvention by co-creator Keith Giffen. Wonder Woman screenwriter Jason Fuchs has been tasked with throwing out the previous attempts back in 2009 and coming up with something new, and although it hasn’t been said publicly, something “R” rated of course.


Hopefully, Fuchs will follow the Deadpool method of staying as true to the source material as possible. The only way this could be truly screwed up is to use the 52 version of Lobo. While the story of that series was interesting, it was not the old school Lobo fans truly wanted.


The 52’d Lobo was too sleek and sexy. Fans want that rough and tumble biker on a bender Lobo from the 90’s. Back in 2009 Dwayne “The Rock”Johnson was set to take on Lobo, but that fell through and now he’s going to beat the crap out of Captain Marvel in the scheduled Shazam movie.

Danny Trejo threw his hat in the Lobo ring tweeting:

Let’s hope that Lobo is done with a tight budget, an “R” rated script, and a lot of action and humor. The important thing, Lobo doesn’t need an origin story. Start the movie in an intergalactic bar, with someone looking to have bad things done to someone, bent on hiring the best of the baddest in the galaxy, Lobo.

In other words, let Lobo be Lobo and let him run amok.


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