Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 2008

There have been some mixed reactions regarding the recent news that Disney and Lucasfilms are reviving the Indiana Jones franchise that was previously presumed dead after the catastrophe that was Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  While some are thrilled to have the chance for the franchise to be redeemed, others have their reservations.  Harrison Ford has been confirmed to star, and his age is, well, advanced.  How will they handle that?  He’ll be 77 when the Indiana Jones 5 hits theaters on July 19, 2019.  He might throw out his back cracking that whip!  There are also rumors that Chris Pratt is in talks to replace Ford and that he will be introduced in the upcoming film.  Those two strong characters could be too much for one movie.  If those concerns weren’t enough, add this one into the mix.

It has just been announced that screenwriter David Koepp will be in charge of penning the script for the new movie.  Koepp is the man largely credited for that failure known as Crystal Skull.  It is a little alarming that Disney still has faith in him.  Although to be fair, he wasn’t the only one behind the script for Indiana Jones 4.  George LucasJeff Nathanson, and Frank Darabont (uncredited) also had their part in the blame, since Koepp’s finished product was built from the groundwork they laid.  And he is a longtime collaborator of Steven Spielberg, working with him on The Lost World: Jurassic Park and War of the Worlds.  He also has a long list of other successes behind his name, like the original Mission: Impossible film.

But is all that enough to crank out something that won’t make the audience cringe and wish for the good ol’ days?  Hopefully.  Because if Indy is going out, he should leave on a high note.   Or at least one that doesn’t sound like some poor fan screaming.

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