New ‘Warcraft’ TV Spot Promises More PvP Action


Honestly, it’s strange that Blizzard didn’t try this sooner. World Of Warcraft is the leading MMORPG of our times, sporting a fanbase of millions of nerds who have devoted impossibly long hours into the game and would probably buy every last bit of merchandise that the almighty vidyagame titan would squeeze out of it. In what seems to be a nice little gameplay reference, the lastest TV spot for the upcoming film seems to be focusing on the PvE side of things…



Alright, so the PvE matchup seems to be a bit vanilla, but an understandable choice. After all, a Human VS Orc fight is way more iconic than, say, a Tauren VS Pandaren one. The tone for this scene seems to be weighing more on the grittiness of the fight, bringing out some of that old-school 80’s fantasy grimness, instead of going for the flashier, more heavy-handed treatment we get from most WoW expansion cinematics lately.


Honestly, it’s a shame that the fight doesn’t last all that long (even by teaser standards) and the rest of the spot seems to explode into an orgy of typical fantasy movie barrage of hot ladies, arcane explosions and a glimpse of the Black Gate. I mean, don’t get us wrong, we love seeing charging CGI armies moving to the tune of pounding drums, but we kinda hoped that Warcraft would try something different, this time around. Then again, this movie is produced by someone who hasn’t exactly cut his teeth into fantasy epics just yet. The director, Duncan Jones, is the man behind Source Code (a film about abusing save states) so maybe he can give us a fresh perspective on the tired old high-fantasy presentation we’ve come to expect.

For example, Jones has gone out of his way to let all the excited fans know that the film will not be the CGI mess of The Hobbit, counting on a lot of practical effects to get that hardcore fantasy feel just right. We hate to sound overly optimistic, but this sounds pretty promising already.

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