Toronto ComiCon 2016: Cosplay from Day One

When I arrived Friday night at Toronto ComiCon – Fan Expo Canada’s younger, smaller, and spring-set cousin – I had a question in the back of my head: How many Kylo Rens will there be, and how many Deadpools? Star Wars cosplay is a staple of any con, and so is Deadpool for that matter, but things have changed in the cold months between convention seasons, there are new Wars characters to dress up as, and Deadpool is now as well known as Iron Man and Captain America. And then I saw it! Everything you could want this, my first convention of the year, to be. As I was setting up my camera, walking towards me was Constable Deadpool of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Those weren’t the only interesting trends in cosplay to be seen at Toronto ComiCon. Rey, the heroine from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has obviously had the desired impact with more than a few Daisy Ridley doppelgangers wondering around the convention floor. In another interesting trend, there were a couple of women dressed up as Han Solo, one example of gender bending cosplay with men dressing as female characters and women dressing as male characters. There was also the usual contingent of anime characters, superheroes, and popular movie characters. Meanwhile, some of the first time sights for me in terms of cosplay included the Evan Peters version of Quicksilver from X-Men: Days of Future Past, a Lexa from the CW”s The 100, and a contingent of Disney Princesses being protected by Judge Dredd.

There will be more from Toronto ComiCon tomorrow as the show really kicks into high gear, but for now here’s a gallery of cosplayers running the streets of Toronto tonight on the first day of the con.

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