“What are you doing with a man’s head in your freezer Harry?”. An excellent question if ever there was one Suri. The head belongs to the hulking Russian Yuri Becker and soon his body is found, thanks again to an anonymous tip-off, giving DS Winter no choice but to charge Harry with murder. And like the late Kevin Grey and his brother Richard before him, Harry gets shipped off to the dodgy Whitecross Prison and an unknown fate. Will Golding finally reveal himself and get the bracelet?4

Time seems to be running out for Harry. Set up and incarcerated with his brother at Whitecross, it’s down to Suri and the dogged Winter to continue the investigations and uncover the truth about who Golding really is. Deputy Mayor Frierson still has DI Orwell in his back pocket and when forensic evidence that would exonerate Richard lands on his desk, he buries it. Kate Olsen – remember her? – finally wakes up and confirms that Becker was the man who kidnapped her. She’s then promptly murdered by someone posing as a nurse. Meanwhile, Winter is keeping his promise to Harry and investigating his first case, the murder of Eve’s mother, finding that important paperwork is missing.

Whitecross is a dangerous place for the Clayton brothers who are under constant threat and an attempt to remove the bangle from Harry’s wrist with an angle grinder ends with predictable results (well, it has been tried before). Like a dog with a bone, Winter persistence pays off; not only does he manage to piece together a cover-up involving Frierson, he fingers Orwell for hiding evidence. But as he and Suri head to City Hall to charge and arrest the Deputy Mayor, Golding finally reveals himself to Harry. It’s Nikhail Julian, Whitecross director, lover of Anna Clayton and chief suspect in the murder of Eve’s mother all those years ago.


As usual, there’s a lot going on with this episode of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, but unlike last week it moves along at a fair clip and is a worthwhile hour spent.  There’s still reams of exposition to get through and too many characters we care too little about dotting the action – step forward Kalim and Lily-Anne – but once again the core cast of Nesbitt, Sienna Guillory as Suri Chohan and the ever excellent Steven Mackintosh as DS Winter keep us invested in proceedings.

But this is a genre show, right? With a magic bangle bestowing luck at the very centre of the story? The writers seem to have completely forgotten about this and all Harry uses the bangle for this week is to seemingly fix a broken prison washing machine. No, really. Even the superpower-sparing Jessica Jones had more than this. And the reveal of Julian as Golding was pretty lame. True, it’s Frierson who’s been set up as the Big Bad all this time, but it’s for that very reason he clearly wasn’t going to be Golding. Nikhail Julian hasn’t really been there to do anything all these episodes, save for providing a love interest for the underused Anna Clayton, and so what else could he be? It shows Lucky Man for the twelve-piece, ages five and under jigsaw puzzle that it really is.

Next week is the finale, and with no second season commissioned, seemingly the end. Even if we get lots of bangle-action in the last hour, that would seem to be a good decision.

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man airs Fridays in the UK on Sky One.

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