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It looks like Legends of Tomorrow is already gearing up for their second season by bringing in a “beloved superhero from the DC canon.” The only question is who could this superhero be? According to the latest reports, this superhero is supposed to make their appearance in the final scene of the show, thus setting up the second season. While it’s not official, word has it that the superhero that could be making their way to the show is none other than Booster Gold.

So who exactly is Booster Gold? As the story goes, Michael Jon Carter (who comes from the 25th century) was an egotistical athlete who ends up puts his foot in his mouth. Having been greatly humiliated, he manages to steal some tech and time travel back to the 20th century in hopes of becoming “the greatest superhero you’ve never heard of.”

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Interestingly enough, he and Rip Hunter are actually connected. In the comics, Booster actually gets his time traveling abilities thanks to him stealing Rip Hunter’s Time Sphere. Eventually, Booster and Rip come to work together as guardians of the time stream.

If Booster Gold does become a main character on the show, it will be interesting to see how they connect the two (if they even do that). Especially considering audiences have only known Rip up to the year 2166 when his family was killed and that Booster Gold is supposed to come from the 25th century. That’s a 400 year difference. Although, for time masters, it may not mean much at all.

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Remember, as of right now, things are still unofficial. But if there is some truth to the news, then he’ll bring a huge dynamic to a show that some people think still just isn’t cutting it. Here’s hoping he just doesn’t look like the silly version from Smallville.

Source: Comicbookmovie

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