If you’ve been on social media over the weekend, you’ll have seen all the typical social BS: people posting 1001 photos of their kids, that over zealous family member sharing another “Thank Jebus” meme, Bernie Sanders supporters, Trump haters, Buzzfeed recipe sharers, selifies, gym rats, and so on. In between all that, you may of seen a steady stream of posts from those nerdy people in your life saying “Wow, #Daredevil  is awesome”. There’s a reason for that, second season of the hit Marvel show Daredevil premiered on Netflix on Fri 3/18. Binge watchers have feasted on episodes, with some already finishing the entire 13 episode series, having  been blown away at just how good a super hero series can be.

If you’ve yet to be introduced to this Marvel/Netflix show about a blind lawyer by day and punchy vigilante at night, then let the following clip be a selling point.

The first season featured a fight sequence that has since been labeled The Hallway Scene; aptly named as the scene takes place inside a hallway. It put the shows titular hero in close quarters combat with about a dozen goons, fighting his way down the hallway to save an abducted boy. It was an incredible scene, both choreography and character wise – being that it was one long steady cam shot (though there were some hidden cuts) and that, for the first time, featured an exhausted hero taking as much of a beating as he gave. It was one of those scenes that leaves you saying, “Whoa.”

For Season 2, Marvel had to up the ante… and up the ante they did. Where Season One got tagged with The Hallway Scene, Season 2 gets The Stairwell Scene, which is a longer and more brutal scene. Daredevil (Charlie Cox) must fight his way through an entire gang of big bad bikers known as the “Dogs of Hell”.


The whole fight takes place in a stairwell, seeing Daredevil work his way down level by level dispatching bikers armed with w/ various weapons. Much like the Hallway Scene from Season One, it’s all one long shot. Viewers are with Daredevil every punch and kick, and even when you think it ends – with Daredevil visibly exhausted – it kicks up again with one final batch of bikers.

Once again, this show delivers a show stopping fight scene that leaves viewers breathless. This show, of course, is not just about awesome fight scenes. It’s a very layered drama, with heavy themes, and characters that are intense as they are interesting. It truly is a “Must Watch” show, and perhaps the very best of what Marvel has to offer.

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