Those of you who’ve already burned through all thirteen episodes of Netflix‘s Daredevil Season Two might have missed a gem at the end if you didn’t watch everything, including the credits. The first official teaser for Netflix’s third Marvel series Luke Cage was slipped in there without any fanfare. It’s a great teaser, and certainly sets the wry tone of the series.

Let’s jump right to it:

Luke Cage certainly has a way with words and the series teaser continues that trend. Cage is like Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) on The Walking Dead, always coming up with some crazy line that just takes everything to the next level. Cage does get referenced, not by name, in the second season of Daredevil by Rosario Dawson who plays nurse Claire Temple when talking with Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson).

*(I’m only half way through the series so while Cage could make an appearance I haven’t seen it yet and kind of doubt it will happen at this point.)

Luke Cage hits Netflix November 30th. Schedule your binge and stock up on snacks!

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